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How to Play online games with a Smartwatch

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Believe it or not, smartwatches are designed to do a lot of things. For instance, they can counts your steps while you are exercising or taking a walk, provide you with the weather forecast, deliver notifications, and lots more. But, what’s more surprising is that you can play online games on your smartwatch as well. These nifty little devices come standard with powerful processors, ample storage, and more than enough RAM to handle your light gaming pursuits.

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Interested in learning more? Keep reading for a list of games to help you get started.


This game is perfect for those who love playing games in short bursts. In this game, by Bossa Studios, you will be playing as a spy handler. You will set your rookie up with missions and throughout the day, he will contact you for instructions on what to do next. You will select his next step from several options on the screen to help him with his mission.

Birdie Wear

If you love Flappy Birds, then you will love Birdie Wear. In this game, your objective is to tap the screen to keep the bird aloft. While this seems relatively simple, this game is not for the easily frustrated or those with thick fingers.

Wild Wild Gun

Have you ever played Wild Gunman on the Nintendo game system? If so, you’ll love this game. Outlaws will show up on the saloon’s windows and you have to shoot them before they do the same to you. But, it’s also important, to keep an eye out for the friendly ladies that show up as well.

Castle Stormer

Castle Stormer
In order to beat this game, you must be prepared to do lots of swiping to help the little knight make his way up the castle. But, be careful – in his path are thorns, snakes, and other obstacles to prevent his victory in this addictive smartwatch game. It’s excellent for those who want a quick burst of gaming action when they have some downtime.

Wear Orbits

This addictive little game will take you on a journey into outer space where you will be tasked with the challenge of keeping a planet alive. This can be achieved by changing its orbit to prevent other planets and stars from crashing into it.

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