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How To Redesign Your Home And Become The Envy Of Your Friends

If youíve been walking around your property recently and wishing it looked a little more appealing, now could be the best time to start planning a major redesign project thatís certain to leave your friends and visitors extremely jealous. You see; weíve just got Christmas out of the way and pretty soon it will be time to start saving for your summer holiday, which means your window of opportunity for making the renovation will probably disappear within the next couple of months. This is why making your plan now is absolutely essential if you want to get it sorted before the warm months.

With this in mind, Iíve spent the last week or so having a look through different websites online and reading design books at home in the hope of being able to relay some really useful tips that could help you to achieve the most with however much money you have. So, take some time to sit back, relax and read through all my suggestions before committing to plough ahead. You never know; this article could be the one youíve been looking for.

Make A Plan Straight Away

Some people find that constructing their plan can be done with only a pen and some paper, and depending on how big of a redesign project you want to undertake, this might be true, However, anyone wishing to achieve something truly extraordinary should probably consider getting in touch with companies who specialise in 3D visualisation. This will help you to understand exactly how any potential changes you make will look, before wasting any time and money on buying the tools or equipment.

Consider Lighting Solutions

Believe it or not, itís possible to make any room look completely different by simply adjusting the available lighting solutions. If you want to make your space look larger, then try installing some spotlights in the ceiling and removing any floor lamps. Likewise, if youíre trying to make a room look smaller or more cozy, then maybe adding floor lamps would be wise. This not only decreases the actual floor space, but it also create an illusion that your walls are much closer together.

Think About Colour Schemes

Depending on what look youíre trying to achieve, choosing the right colour schemes could be very important. If you want to make your rooms look larger then itís a good idea to go for whites, creams and other light colours, whereas anyone wishing to create a more homely feel should probably opt for darker solutions.

Use Furniture

Though many people donít realise it, the positioning of your furniture can also have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. Keeping items pressed against the walls is obviously going to create the illusion of a more spacious room, but bringing it all into the middle will have the opposite effect.

So, now you know exactly how to redesign your home and become the envy of your friends, there should be nothing stopping you from putting the wheels in motion and getting started straight away.

Good luck with your project!

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