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How to Repair a Refrigerator

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Repairing a refrigerator can seem like an arduous task. It may be tempting to throw it out and get a new one. But, the problem with that is that this can lead to unnecessary expenses in the home. If you are looking at being a little savvier with your cash, it’s time to mend and make do. Repairing your fridge doesn’t have to be a difficult task. On the contrary, it can be easy once you know how.

How to Repair Your Refrigerator

Make sure that the fridge is unplugged. Remove the control panel at the back of the fridge. This is where the wires are contained. Remove using a screwdriver. This is where the motor and components are kept. It’s vital that you take a look at these first.

Once you have done this, you will have access to the following:
  •    Motor
  •    Coil
  •    Condenser
  •    Fan

Seek out which is the problem area. Remove the component by dismantling the clips. In newer fridges, this should be done by unclipping the plastic bearings. In older models, you may need a screwdriver.

Check out the problem area and identify which area needs to be fixed. A motor and coil can be fixed with ease. But, a condenser and a fan will need a professional tradesman.

Fixing the Motor

The motor should be removed with ease from the back of the fridge freezer. Ensure that you are removing this with caution so that you do not break the fridge entirely. The motor may be noisy due to blockages around the area. So, make sure that you clean around the motor and remove any debris that is blocking it.

If the motor is noisy, it will be wasting energy. Clean the motor as necessary. If the motor is still making a noise, it’s time to replace it. Twist the motor from its place and remove the bearings. Add the new motor accordingly and ensure that the bearings are tight. Use a screwdriver for maximum security. An appliance parts company can help you find the right part for your model and make of fridge.


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Cleaning the Refrigerator Coils

The coils on your fridge can also be clogged up. But, if they are cleaned and serviced they will cause your fridge to break down. Older fridges have a structure that is similar to a grid on the back of their fridge freezer. New models will have a simple two coil structure.

Disconnect the power and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any fluff or debris that is trapped within the fridge. Use a gentle vacuum setting to ensure that the coils do not break. Use a small, clean paintbrush to get in-between the cracks and crevices in the coil. This is a great way to clear dirt that is stopping the fridge from working.

Simple maintenance and cleaning is all that is needed to ensure that the fridge freezer is working to its full capacity. While a fridge looks complicated, it is easy to fix.

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