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How to Find a Good Lawyer That’s Right For You

Finding the right lawyer can be difficult. After all, there are a wide range of law practices all over the world. Finding the right one to assist with your case can be tough. Of course, everyone seems to have the perfect practice. But, in reality, there are good lawyers and bad lawyers. Finding a good lawyer need not be a difficult task. In fact, it can be relatively easy once you know how. You don’t have to spend long hours trawling the high street or the internet to find a lawyer that is right for you. Here are some great tips that you can use when you are on your quest to find a good lawyer that is right for you.

Legal Problems: Defining the Problem

Defining what your legal problem is is the first step into finding an agent that is fit for purpose. By determining what the problem is, you can ensure that you find a good lawyer that is right for your case. So, if you have a family issues involved custody issues, you would seek out family lawyers. For criminal cases involving assault and so forth, you would seek out the services of a specialist criminal lawyer. For criminal lawyers in Sydney visit You can find out a wealth of information on the different areas of law.

So, once you have clearly defined your case, you will be able to seek out a specialist lawyer that can help you with your issue. After all, law is complicated and far reaching. You cannot simply seek out a general lawyer. You need to find a lawyer that deals with issues within a dedicated area.

How to Find the Right Lawyer: A Step By Step Guide

Locating the perfect lawyer will require you to conduct some research. You may need to look at the issues that you have. What needs resolving? Do you have a particular case? Simply trawling the internet will not help. You need to find a lawyer that can help you in the most robust way possible.


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Referrals are the best place to start. Do any of your friends, family or colleagues have a similar problem? Have they used a lawyer previously? Ask them which law firm they sought advice from. Ask them about their pricing structure. Do ensure that you research their effectiveness. What is their success rate?  This is an excellent way to get good leads and contacts. Approach many different lawyers and see which ones you like the feel of. Can they answer your questions articulately? Are they best equipped to helping you?

Finding a lawyers style and personality that fits your needs is important. After all, if you are talking about personal matters with a solicitor or lawyer, you need to feel comfortable with them. The human element is vital when choosing an attorney.

Location, Location, Location

While the location of a lawyer shouldn’t be a deciding factor, it is important that have a local lawyer then you can access with ease. If you live in Sydney, find a lawyer in Sydney. Likewise, if you live in London, find a lawyer in London. You may have to make many trips to your lawyer. Conversations over the phone and via email are all well and good.  However, face to face communication is imperative while you are sorting out your legal affairs.

Meeting a lawyer in person is important too. This gives you a more accurate depiction of whether you can work closely with them or not. It’s necessary for the working relationship that you are comfortable with your lawyer. Therefore, it makes sound sense to find a lawyer that is close to your proximity.


Finding out the level of knowledge that your lawyer has is vital. They may have just passed the bar. They may be established within your community. Do not think that a newly graduated lawyer is not fit for the job. They can have boundless amounts of energy and may be more willing to assist with your case.

Again, you need to determine how specialist your case is. If it is something of a niche case, a more experienced lawyer will be best suited for your requirements. When you have shortlisted your chosen lawyers, it may be best to go to see them all. Yes, this can be costly. But arranging a mini-interview with your prospective lawyer is a good way to gauge their experience on your issues.


Personal references are excellent. But, have you considered the professional references that a lawyer has? Obviously, a lawyer is going to tell you that they are best suited to your needs. But, asking for professional references can ensure that you find the right person for the job. Recommendations and professional commendations are perfect. These ensure that you have the right person to perform your legal obligations.

Ask about past clients and previous cases that they have handled. Check out their Linkedin page, should they have one, to determine if people have reviewed their services. Google is an excellent tool in your arsenal too. Google has company reviews within its search, so use them for a more holistic view of the services that you require.

Your Budget

While price shouldn’t determine how you treat your legal affairs, having a budget in mind is important. After all, good legal advice does not come for free. Having a clear budget in mind is important. Big city lawyers and slick professionals may charge higher fees. That’s not to say that they are better than lawyers located in provincial towns. Having a clear pricing structure in mind can help lessen the financial impact of seeking law information.

As legal bills can add up quickly, you need to figure out what is going to be best priced for you. It may be worthwhile talking to your lawyer about your budget. Depending on your case, some may is happy to bend their pricing to accommodate you. Others may refer you to other lawyers that they know.  Ask how you will be billed. Some charge by the hour, other solicitors charge depending on the length of the case. Determine this as a matter of urgency.

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