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How To Spend Time At A Casino Without Gambling

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Perhaps you’re friends have asked you to go on a trip to Las Vegas with them, or maybe they’ve just planned a trip to a casino – either way, you’re going to be tempted to gamble. Whether you don’t want to gamble for religious reasons, personal reasons, or another reason altogether; there are things you can do at a casino that don’t involve gambling! Here’s how you can spend your time at a casino without gambling:

How Much Time Do You Have?

You need to find out how much time you’ve got to do other things while your friends are off playing roulette. Ask what time they want you to meet them later and make sure you have an exact meeting point as casinos can be quite large.

Once you know how much time you’ve got, take a look at a map of the casino including any surrounding areas and neighboring properties. You’ll need to easily find your way around, and sometimes casinos can be very dark with no windows – it isn’t hard to get lost! Make sure you know which entrance you need to get back to and remember your surroundings.

Take Yourself On A Tour

Take yourself on an architectural art tour of the casino. Most of the time, casinos are grandly decorated, with plenty of lobbies, halls, shopping areas, rooftop gardens, paintings and hidden treasure for you to explore. Make note of the sculptures, marble floors, elegant chandeliers, etc.

People Watch

Everyone likes to do a little people watching now and again! Casinos are one of the best places you could choose to people watch as things can sometimes get intense. You’ll probably witness lots of drama and entertainment.

Watch The High Roller Tables

If you won’t be tempted to gamble, and providing they aren’t behind locked doors, watch the high roller tables for entertainment. This is where people play for very high stakes – this is where the atmosphere and drama’s at!

Have A Drink and A Meal

Many casinos will have nice facilities that you can go to for a nice meal or a drink – treat yourself for not gambling!

See A Show

Casinos will often have entertainment areas that will offer a wide variety of shows; anything from animal shows to musical fountains! You should be able to find something to keep you occupied while your friends are gambling.

Go Shopping

Lots of casinos have great shopping departments. You could find designer shops, and even unique art dealers. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything – why not just window shop? Or you could try outfits on just for fun!

Have A Pamper

Some casinos will have spas and beauty facilities you can attend to treat yourself. Why not get a relaxing massage, or treat yourself to a manicure? You could even see if you could use the hotel pool or hot tub!

We hope we’ve helped you work out what you want to do while your friends are gambling their money away – you shouldn’t get bored with this advice!

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