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How To Survive Your Driving Test With Your Sanity Intact

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When people reach the legal age to drive a car, they imagine how it will change their lives. They will no longer have to ask relatives to ferry them about, or stand in bus shelters throughout the freezing winter months. Freedom is within their grasp. There is just one tiny thing standing in their way; the driving test.

If you are a teenager, you grew up with computers, and if you could take a virtual driving test, you would undoubtedly pass with flying colours. It doesn’t work that way unfortunately; though you can book your theory test online, that is about as far as it goes. You will have to attend a theory test centre and pass that before you can move onto the practical test. The bad news is that it is harder than ever to pass. Don’t despair though, with nerves of steel and an excellent tutor, most people get there in the end. Here is how to survive your driving test with your sanity intact.


Most people hire a driving instructor and stick with them until they pass their test. That can lead to problems, especially when they are not comfortable with that person. If you find yourself in that situation, stop buying lessons from the immediately. You owe them no loyalty, so find someone who puts you at ease and teaches you in a friendly manner. Some instructors push you too hard, and you start to become anxious about your next outing. Driving lessons should never make you feel that way.


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The Night Before

Nobody can guarantee you will pass the theory test, but if you got over that obstacle, the practical test awaits. In my opinion, it begins on the previous night. It is when you must start to prepare for the big day. Here are a few tips to help you cope with the anxiety that will build within you.

  • Avoid people if you can. They will all remind you that the day is almost here and offer advice that you do not need. Try to rest in solitude where you can be alone with your thoughts. It is a time when you can visualise driving in your mind. Though it will be hard, try not to spend too much time thinking about the next day. There is nothing else you can do to prepare; all of the hard work is behind you.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks. If you enjoy a tipple, the desire to calm your nerves will be strong. It will dull your senses and make your reactions slow. On the day, you need to be bright and alert if you are to perform at your best. Drink plenty of soft drinks or water. Tea and coffee might keep you awake. It is vital that you hydrate well because it helps you to think clearly.
  • Try to get plenty of sleep. It is a tall order. Maybe you could try stopping up late on the previous night so that you are more tired than usual.

You should get up early and eat a hearty breakfast. The events that are about to unfold are beyond your control. You will work almost on instinct, and the test will flash by in the blink of an eye. As with so many things in life, the likelihood of success depends on the way you prepare.

If you fail, don’t beat yourself up. Only a small proportion of entrants succeed on the first attempt. The date for the next test will come around quickly, and you can try again. You will get there in the end; almost everyone does.

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