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Have you ever wondered what made online casinos tick? Every single site is different, but the best ones all have one thing in common – user-friendly interfaces.

** Home Screen

This is where it all begins. After players log in, they will be taken to the online casino home screen, similarly to the lobby in a land based casino. Here you will find the different sections of the casino, like table games, slots, the cashier, the loyalty section, and more.

** View All Games

If you are new to online gambling, this page lets you explore all of the games in the software. In most online casinos, the games are categorized by type and they include multiplayer games, tournaments, video poker, table games, slots, progressive jackpots, and more.


** Install Individual Games

Although your online casino of choice may already be on your computer, you may have to install individual casino games. Thankfully, the downloadable software for many online casinos are light and contain just the basics. When you choose to play a game for the first time, the software with install the game.

** Playing Your Favorite Games

Playing your favorite games is as simple as double-clicking the tab for the corresponding game that you would like to play. Afterward, the game will load and you will be directed to a real money online casino game that makes you feel as is your are in the middle of a luxurious casino in Vegas.

If you would like more information about your favorite games and casinos, just head to They provide you with information about the Canadian online casinos with just a click of the button.

The operators are a dedicated team of casino experts who want to help Canadians find the best casinos with the best prizes and software to test their skills. They are here to ensure that players only have the best gaming experience in a secure, safe, and legal online casino for Canadian gamblers.

When you are finished playing your favorite game, you will be taken back to the home screen where you can find more games to play, make a deposit, withdraw funds, and more.

As you can see, it’s relatively easily to navigate the software on most online casinos, regardless of the one you choose. This makes gameplay relatively simple, if you don’t like the particular casino that you download, simply try another that has been deemed worthy by the experts at and try again.

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