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How to Write Exciting Articles

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When I sit down to write an article I am wondering a couple of things offhand. First I am asking myself if the topic is boring then I am asking myself how long does this boring article have to be? Eh, but it’s really not so bad. You can make any article you write creative and exciting. You just have to figure out how to make yours stand out above all of the rest. So how do you do that?

You must first remember that this is not your 9th grade English class. You are not out to impress some crotchety old teacher who is checking all your spelling and verb tenses. This is the internet. Be yourself! Write the way you would normally speak. Readers can tell when you’re being fake or stuffy. If you have a sense of humor, use it. If you have a personal story to tell, tell it. Readers tend to enjoy work that they can relate to. So even if the topic is stuffy and boring, you can always add your own spin to it.

Is writing your passion? Is it something that you have always wanted to do? Well then get excited about it! You could be working 9-5 sitting at some desk going over the same spreadsheet over and over until your eyes glaze over and your fingers go numb. But you’re not, you’re at home, probably in your jammies, drinking coffee, being creative…is that not something to be excited about? I quit a job just like the one I just described so I could be home finally doing what I want to do. Get excited, listen to some jams, and be thankful you are not an office drone.

Try not to over edit your work. This kind of goes back to the “be yourself” theory. If you’re editing too much then typically what you are actually doing is cutting out the “you” parts of the article. So don’t do it! Most people who are reading your article or blog could not care less about the tiny details you obsessing over. So, I can’t say it enough…be yourself!

Oh, and always ask the right questions. Sometimes all a good article needs is catchy title to draw the reader in. Make it a question you know they would want an answer to. So to reiterate, be yourself, get excited, don’t over edit…and ask some good questions for some great content.

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