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How To Write Off Unaffordable UK Debts

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If you’re a UK resident and have been suffering at the hands of the international economic downturn you’re probably in need of some financial assistance, right?  Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s even possible to simply write off your unaffordable debts via some specialized program.  Well, there are some steps and measures you can take, each of which carries with it its own concerns, requirements and stipulations. You might want to consider using a service like, which provides debt solutions and free initial advice. Below are the routes you can take:

DRO (Debt Relief Order)

Largely considered to be an alternative to conventional bankruptcy, a DRO (or Debt Relief Order) is a process by which you can halt impending processes on negligent payments and so forth.  Naturally, you can expect there to be problems associated with your credit score, etc. but it might very well allow you to find another suitable pathway out of your financial hardship in the long-run.  The immediate benefit here is to suspend repayments for at least a year, which can give you time to get things in order on a personal as well as career level.

Additionally, in certain circumstances it might very well be possible to write of unsecured debts entirely after the 12 month period has elapsed, which is a very promising proposition.  Similarly, by tapping a debt relief order for assistance you might also be able to avoid having to appear in court (as would be the case in terms of declaring bankruptcy).  Of course in order to qualify for this your total debts must be no more than £15,000 and any monthly side income must be less than £50. Moreover, your total holdings must be less than £300 in total.  However, you can own a car that can be valued up to £1,000.

Each individual case will need to be thoroughly investigated of course and there are no guarantees that specific individuals may qualify, but if you do such a program provides a way out of your financial hardship and debts.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Yet another consideration to carefully ponder is seeking out help from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  In short, this charitable organization seeks to provide free advice to individuals and families concerning all of their financial problems, debts and more.  Moreover, since they offer confidential services you can rest assured that your information isn’t being shared with those who might seek to use it against you.

It should also be noted that the CAB will also occasionally seek to directly influence local politicians and key business owners.  In this sense you might consider them more of an activist organization as well as a service-based charity.   Currently they’re working on implementing a “fit for work” program which seeks to usher in employment allowance tests which they hope will streamline the employment process for lots of people as well as businesses.

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