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How To Liven Up Your Garden For Summer 2014

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The sun has finally crept out beyond those dull rain-filled clouds, and things are starting to look promising. It seems it is now safe to finally leave your house without an umbrella.

As you venture out into the garden, are you met by a dull patch of grass with a few surrounding flower parts and weathered garden ornaments? If so, then you need to jazz that greenery up to give it some life – after all you’ll be spending more time in the garden now that the weather has turned for the better.

Here are some fantastic ways to transform your plain, lifeless garden, into something fun and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Wooden Planters.

Formal, yet elegant. Wooden planters are brilliantly versatile. They look fantastic outside shops, restaurants, houses and retail premises – pretty much anywhere!

They’re also perfect for bringing back a bit of life to your terrace or garden, especially now that the winter weather has been put to rest.

2. Outdoor Dining.

An outdoor eating area really gives your home that much needed breathing space. It’s almost as if it’s adding an extra room as it’s somewhere to go and relax in the sunshine. It’s barbecue season – so wheel out that grill you’ve most likely forgotten about, and throw a few burgers on there and get cooking!

3. Flowers.

It’s high time to add more than just the icy white frost to your garden’s colour palette. Spend some time planning and experimenting on different types of plants and flowers to ensure your garden is full of life and energy. Be sure to not go too far with the flowers, especially if you’re not a fan of our flying friends.

4. Water Is A Stress Relief.

There’s nothing quite like sitting back with an ice cold beer on a summer’s day, or even just strolling through the garden on a crisp spring morning and hearing nothing but the flow of water echoing peacefully in the corner of the garden.

Water in the garden just adds another dimension to relaxation. Whether it be a mini waterfall or a swimming pool. Building in a swimming has so many more benefits than you think. It offers relaxation, tranquility and talk about easy on the eye – swimming pools make any back garden so much more interesting and fun. If you’ve been teetering on the idea of a pool, you should definitely go ahead and get one. Why not? Be sure to get something that lasts, because most pools do deteriorate rather quickly without proper care. Fortunately, companies such as 1st Direct supply high quality swimming pool liners that are designed to stay in top condition all year round.

5. A Place For You

Sometimes, distancing yourself for a while from everything in your life is the best way to relax. The stress of bills, the early morning commute, family and friends all builds up, so getting away from it all in, say, your own private summerhouse or gazebo is just what you need. Grab yourself a book, a glass of wine, and you’re in business.

If you’re the type of person who believes less is more, then more power to you. If you want your garden to have that clean, professional image, then sticking to the basics of planters and subtle shrubbery is the way to go!

So there you go. A few simple ways to really liven up the back garden this summer, to help give you the relaxation and fun, which is what summer is all about.



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