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How to make a Facebook page

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When it comes to web design and page creation within a social media context there are many schools of thought.  Some prefer to take a more standardized, default-based approach, for instance, while many others like to really get in there and experiment with the coding.  If you’re truly interested in creating a distinctive Facebook page, there are several ways to go about it, obviously; here are some suggestions for your consideration which can help simplify the process…

Getting Started

First things first, you’ll need to sign-up for your own free Facebook account.  From there you can start to add additional pages as needed.  Next, you’re going to want to pay a visit HERE.  This handy create a page guide not only helps you design a page that’s suitable for your specific needs (product, business, program, etc.) it can also help to put you in touch with the appropriate audience(s) as well.  From here you simply need to fill out all the required information inside the text box featured inside of the square of your choice.  If, for example, you’re adding a page for your business you only need to add an address, name and category.

Note* – Facebook has developed an integrated network of advertisers which seek to partner with certain pages, products and services – use this feature to your advantage to build up a sizable following.

A more in-depth description

Of course before you can begin attracting visitors you’ll need to provide them with something to check out.  On the Set Up page you’ll be able to enter all the specifics, like tags (keywords), a clever description, as well as any other relevant links you might have (for instance – your company’s website).  It’s vitally important that you add extremely relevant tags as this will allow users to find your page in an organic manner (via random searches, in other words).  If you own a local business in a metropolitan area, for example, having the keyword “local” plus an additional identifier such as “New York” would definitely help drive more traffic to your doorstep.   Likewise, you’re going to want to come up with an artful and thorough description of what your business does and why people should be interested.

Do you have the right look?

Arguably, the most important thing about any Facebook page (aside from its content) is the way it looks.  Specifically, you should incorporate high-quality, customized graphics which perfectly capture the mood and style of your larger organization.  Naturally, if you already have logos and other art to use, by all means, add it to your FB page.  Your profile and cover photos will be the first thing that visitor’s eyes will be drawn to, so make sure you have something alluring there if you want them to stick around.

In the End

Ultimately, your success or failure on Facebook will be determined by how well-connected you already are as well as how often you update your page(s).  Keep in mind that people tend to voraciously gobble up content, so be sure to provide them with fresh material if you want to continue to grow your audience.  Good luck.

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