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How To Protect Your Family Home From Intruders

Nobody wants to come home from a night out with the family to find their most valuable possessions have been stolen by criminals. That is why it’s vitally important that everyone spends time considering their property’s weak points and taking precautions. Sure, placing a tank outside of your home might be a little over the top. That said, it appears to have worked for the people who own the building in the picture below. At the end of the day, there are no right or wrong ways of dealing with home security. So, you should aim to look at the endeavor on an individual basis. Even so, taking a read through some of the ideas listed below should make a big difference.

Am I a dedicated security expert? Have I worked for MI6 in the past? Unfortunately not, but I have successfully avoided break-ins for the entirety of my life. So, I must be doing something right. The suggestions below are not set in stone; they will simply serve to highlight some of the most popular precautions taken. Some of the items I’m going to advise you to purchase are quite expensive, so make sure you shop around.

Change the locks regularly

If a burglar has any level of intelligence, he will refrain from smashing a window or breaking in through your front door. Sadly, most criminals aren’t that clever. However, it’s still a good idea to have your locks changed at regular intervals. Possibly every six months or so. That is the best way to ensure nobody can get in, even if they somehow managed to make copies of your keys in the past. Whether you’re looking for Birmingham, Bristol or even London locksmiths, you’ll find all the contact information online. It might also be worth asking them if they have any extra tips for you.

Install a standard alarm system

Most standard alarm systems are made up of different sensors that are placed in strategic locations around the inside of your property. Also, some will go near to your front door in case anyone is stupid enough to force entry in that area. The more you pay for an alarm system, the better it will be. Even so, you shouldn’t need to spend any more than a few hundred pounds to ensure your home is completely safe. The alarms today are so loud that burglars will run a mile after triggering them. On top of that, they’re loud enough to draw attention from your neighbours.


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Equip your windows with sensors

There are specialist alarm systems on the market today that cover your windows. Some are so sensitive that even the slightest amount of pressure will trigger them. By installing these in your home, you could stop a criminal before they even have time to break the glass. That is obviously preferable to replacing windows every time someone attempts a break-in. Again, these systems can be very costly. Anything in the £400 to £1000 range is probably suitable.

Fit security cameras

The benefits to fitting security cameras inside and outside your home are endless. If burglars are planning a robbery, you could catch them checking out the property before it takes place. That would give you enough time to contact the police and let them know about what’s going to happen. On top of that, you should get a clear picture of the culprit’s faces if you purchase high-end HD models. All the footage is sent directly to your laptop and smartphone, so you can even check on things when you’re on the move.

Join a neighborhood watch scheme

You might think that people involved in neighbourhood watch schemes are simply sticking their noses into other people’s business. While that might be true in some circumstances, the pros far outweigh the cons. Letting your neighbours know about the details of your alarm system and what it sounds like can help to ensure the police are called at the earliest possible opportunity. Also, it’s handy to have a few people on the street who’re willing to keep their eyes peeled.

Stop being so flashy

There is nothing wrong with owning BMW or Mercedes cars, but they do tend to attract thieves. Placing an expensive model on your driveway will give the impression you have lots of money and won’t necessarily miss the items criminals want to steal. To help combat that, you should always aim to keep your cars in the garage. Failing that, try to park them around the corner. It is usually the house with the most valuable vehicles that suffer a break-in.

Erect outdoor lighting

You should all have some form of sensor lighting that switches on when a person walks towards your front door, but some people find going a little further to be fruitful. Flood lights are inexpensive and can be hooked up to your standard alarm system. If a burglar triggers the alarm and your neighbours are awoken by the sound, they’ll stand more chance of seeing the culprits with their own eyes under flood lighting. Just make sure you get the electrics right, as people tend to get a little bit miffed when the street lights up for no reason.

Secure the perimeter with a fence

A fence will do little to stop your house from being burgled. However, it will make the escape path trickier for the criminals concerned. Having to jump over the fence will mean there’s more chance of your neighbours catching a glimpse as the culprits try to run away. Also, the fall could injure them. So, it’s more likely they’ll still be around when the authorities arrive.

Well guys, there it is. Now you’ve had time to read through all those ideas, I hope you’ll be more inclined to take action before something bad happens. Joining your neighbourhood watch should be the first move. After that, you can start investing in all the tech. Just be warned; protecting your home in this manner can become a little addictive.

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