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The Stress-Free Guide To Adventure Holidays With The Kids

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If your children have a wide age range, you might think it’s hard to find an adventure holiday that is suitable for everyone. But, there are plenty of options available to you. Mixed age ranges are harder to cater for, but these ideas should help you make sure everyone has a great time, no matter what happens.

Go All-In-One

There are plenty of all-in-one adventure centres that cater for all age ranges. Take a look at Center Parcs for a good example of what you can get up to. Although the price can add up quite quickly, if you plan in advance enough, you will have plenty of time to save for it. It’s also worth pointing out that they run creche sessions, too. So, parents, you have no excuses joining your older kids for a roller skate session!

Plan Your Itinerary

When you are holidaying with mixed age children, it’s important that everyone has a few opportunities for fun. Make sure you talk to the older ones about their responsibilities, and in return, they will get to do what they want to do. With a little planning of your itinerary, you will find that your adventure holiday goes much more smoothly. Everyone will be easier to keep in check, and dropping-off tasks can be shared between parents.

Find Activities You Can All Do

Separate activities are one thing, but let’s remember that this is a family adventure holiday, and it will be nice if you can find things that everyone will enjoy. Even a simple river trip can be boosted for the older ones if you can pull an inflatable out of your hat. Although I would check out some reviews of the best inflatable and recreational kayaks for 2015 before making your decision on that one. There could be hell to pay if that kayak is ‘not cool’! But anyway, the point is, plan your family days wisely and everyone will get along just fine.

Be Realistic

If you have very young children, you are going to have to be realistic about how many activities you are going to be able to do. It might be that you have to split up days between you, so both parents get a chance to spend some time with everyone. Also, you have to be realistic about the amount of time the older kids are going to hang out with their younger brothers and sisters. Sure, the odd day out isn’t going to cause many ruptures to the family spirit, but that all depends on the location and who else is around. If there are older kids in the vicinity, it’s possible they are going to feel embarrassed. With this in mind, be prepared to move onto something else, and try not to let a scene develop.

We hope this article has shown you that adventure holidays are possible for families, even when there is a mixed age group. As long as you are aware of the flashpoints that could arise, you will be better prepared to deal with them. Happy planning and enjoy your trip!

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