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How To Build A New Life In The Sun

As we enter the first few months of 2014, many families in the UK are considering making a change to their living arrangements. Whilst some are looking towards purchasing a new home in England, others are feeling a little more adventurous, and this is why we’re expecting to see a severe increase in emigration over the coming weeks and months. At the end of the day, why would anyone stay in a country where the weather is always poor, and the people are just as dreary? Exactly.

So, if you think you might be interested in learning a little more about the options available to you at the current time, then spend the next five minutes or so reading through all the information I’ve included below, and you should come away with a much better understanding of your prospects. You might think that moving abroad is more hassle than it’s worth, but you really couldn’t be more wrong. Making a decision to change your life now, could be the best thing you ever do – live a little!

Finding A Suitable Property

Depending on which country you’d like to live in, you’ll need to either find a suitable home or attend a land sale. Which solution you find most appropriate will depend upon how hard you’re willing to work for that dream home. You’ll obviously have much more control over the aesthetics of a property if you design and build it yourself, but this is sometimes too much work and so less ambitious people tend to settle for estate agent visits. Either way, finding a living solution should be your first move.

Getting The Paperwork In Order

The next thing you’ll need to concentrate your efforts on is paperwork. It’s always going to be wise for you to find a trained solicitor who has direct experience in dealing with the country you wish to relocate to. That way; the whole process should be as hassle free as possible. Even with the best minds of board, it’s probably going to take 6 months or so to make arrangements, so you really need to be patient.

Obtaining Residency

Again, this is something your solicitor should be able to deal with, so don’t stress yourself too much about all the forms you need to fill in. Unless you’ve got a criminal record or some other trait that makes you undesirable, purchasing land or a property should be enough to secure your permanent residency.

Leaving Your Home Country

Many people who emigrate to countries outside of the UK leave loose ends and bills they could really do with settling. Although it’s certainly true that collectors probably won’t chase you to Australia for a £500 debt, it’s still best to sort it out because you might want to come back at some point in the future, and having debts could cause issues.

So, now you know everything you need to about building a new life in the sun, what’s stopping you from setting the wheels in motion? Making positive changes like this could well make your life more interesting, and inevitably more enjoyable – who could turn their nose up at that?

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