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How To Hire A Campervan

When people go on holiday, the majority of those folks tend to stay in a hotel room at their destination. Although this is fine if you want to have a permanent ‘base’ from which you can go out and explore the area from, it means that you then have to pay out extra money on public transport, flights or car hire.

This, of course, will start to eat into your holiday spending money, and will unfortunately mean that you won’t have enough money to check out all the sights whilst you are on holiday. But there is one cloud in this silver lining, and that is you could ditch the idea of hotel rooms and transport costs, and simply hire a campervan instead!

Why hire a campervan?

There is much to love about campervans. Most modern campervans are quite spacious inside and offer all of the modern conveniences that your own home has, such as full kitchen facilities (microwave, oven, sink, toaster, etc.), a comfortable bed, state-of-the-art TV and entertainment systems (like the ones on offer at and many even have toilet and shower facilities too.

The awesome thing about campervans is that you are not restricted to exploring your destination from one base. If you want to go somewhere, simply drive yourself there!

Of course, there are many camping grounds and caravan centres that you can park your campervan at, so that you can have access to other facilities on your campervan holiday, as well.

What types of campervan can I hire?

Campervan holidays are very popular in many parts of the world, so as a result, there is a virtually limitless choice in the types of campervan that you can hire.

When it comes to booking a campervan, you should consider the following requirements before you start searching for the best deals:

  • Size – the first thing you will need to do is determine what size of campervan you will need to hire. The smallest ones tend to be similar to the old Volkswagen Transporter Type 2 classic campers, whereas the biggest ones are similar in size to the popular Winnebago motorhomes;

  • Facilities – when you have thought about the size of campervan that you require, your attention should then turn to the types of facilities that you will require. If you are planning a long road trip to some remote destinations, you might want to consider hiring a campervan with all of the most commonly-used cooking and washing facilities on-board, otherwise if you are planning on stopping by campervan parks on your travels then perhaps you might not want to have a completely decked-out campervan;

  • Budget – although hiring a campervan can be considerably cheaper than booking hotel rooms and hiring cars on your holidays, you should still make sure that you have a set budget for hiring a campervan and then seek out the best deals available at your chosen travel dates.

One other important thing to note before you book your campervan is that you have the required type of driving licence! The company that you hire a campervan from will be able to inform you what the requirements are.

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