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How to Repair a Cracked or Broken Concrete Floor

A cracked or broken concrete floor can really take away from the appearance of what once, was a beautiful surface. It makes sense therefore, that you’d want to have things as they once were, smooth and blemish free. Something that might be a challenge to those new to the task, repairing a cracked concrete floor is actually quite simple once you have the right tools for the job, and know what to do.

Determine the Extent of the Problem

Before you begin work, it’s important to first assess how bad the crack actually is. This will allow for you to then source all the materials you need in adequate amounts, but also get an estimate on how long things should take.

Remove Surface Material

The next step, is to remove the surface material that surrounds the crack, and prevents you from accessing it with ease. This can be done with the right tools, which often include a chisel, and a decent hammer, though it can depend on the surface material and it’s strength. It’s important that this step is done properly, so you can make sure that you’re able to tend to the crack without anything blocking your progress.

Once you have removed the surface material, ensure that all the excess debris has been removed effectively. This will prevent it from causing problems later on, when you’re trying to work in a clean environment, free from objects that could prevent the crack from being repaired properly.

Add the Filler

Once the surface material has been removed, and the area has been cleared, the crack now needs to be filled. This process is relatively easy, and the filler can be made by yourself, or sourced from a store. If you’re looking for a surefire solution, it’s a good idea to buy the filler ready made from your local hardware store, as these products have been engineered to the latest standards, saving you any of the mess, and hassle that comes with creating your own filler.

Once you’ve added the filler, you’ll need to let it set. Though this can happen pretty quickly, it’s best to come back the next day, allowing the process to occur over night without disruption.

Determine if More Work Needs to be Done

Once you come back the next day, you’ll then need to take a look at whether or not you need to add more filler to the crack. You can see if this is the case, by looking at whether or not the surface is level or not. If it looks like it needs more filler, just add the right amount, and come back the next day.

Concrete King

Though there are a number of different methods for repairing concrete, it’s often the simplest ways that are the best. By following what has been laid out in this article, you’ll be able to fix most of the cracks that present themselves, when it comes to broken concrete. So the next time you see a crack in the concrete, rest easy, as you now have the skill set needed, to deal with whatever comes your way.

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