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How To Create The Perfect Waiting Room For Your Clients

People tend to hate waiting rooms; for good reason too in my opinion. Often it is a nervous wait because they are apprehensive about what awaits them when their name is called. The doctor’s waiting room, for example, is a place where you wait before seeing the doctor and possibly receiving bad news. The dentist’s waiting room is the worst of all, as they usually keep you waiting long after your appointment time in a room where the sound of the drill is clearly audible. Maybe you are waiting for a job interview.

There are so many reasons to dislike waiting rooms and not many to like them. How often have you been kept waiting to go into a room where someone hands over a big pile of cash? Not very often.

So, if you have a waiting room in your business and wish to make it perfect for your clients, read on. You are going to find some great tips here, not all of them cheap, that will take some of the apprehension out of your client’s wait.

Calm Decor

Try to make the decor a little more homely than that found in hospitals, for instance. Paint the walls a deep, rich colour, as opposed to the magnolia that sucks the heart out of a room. At least one wall painted in a deep red or plum sets a calming mood.

Calm the mood in the room further by closing curtains and using table lamps as the main source of illumination. Creating an evening mood subconsciously lowers people’s blood pressure, aiding relaxation.


If you distract your client while they wait, you will have succeeded in your mission. Providing entertainment will go a long way to solving this problem. Display literature in stands from GPX Group or other shops so that it is inviting to the apprehensive client.

Sometimes it is hard to read while you are nervous. Even concentrating on television programs is difficult under these circumstances. By choosing the programs carefully, you will be able to distract those waiting. Jokes are universal and impossible to resist when you hear someone telling them. Plenty of comedians have released hilarious DVDs, so why don’t you grab the attention of your clients by playing the funniest routines. People soon forget how nervous they are when they start laughing uncontrollably. It matters not what state of mind you are in; if a joke is funny you are powerless to resist.

Placing computer tablets on the tables and providing free internet access often attracts people’s attention. Of course, you will have to be the judge of whether this is suitable for your clientele as it has been known for them to go missing. Luckily there are computer tablets available not that do an adequate job for a very low price.

Talking Books

Instead of playing the radio, play a talking book instead. The calming voice of the narrator will draw people in to pay attention to the story. Of course, the selection of story and narrator will become obvious as you browse the libraries.

Very soon your clients will learn that visiting your premises is a pleasant experience. The best waiting room around combined with happy and efficient staff is a powerful recipe for success.




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