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How to Have a Fantastic Time in Adelaide

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Adelaide is one of the most popular destinations in Australia and has become more popular over recent years. While other Australian cities offer adrenaline based fun and activities, Adelaide is slightly more laid back. However, if you love sightseeing and exploring, Adelaide has some beautiful places for you to visit! There’s also plenty of delicious food to sample too, of course. Here’s how we think you’ll like to have an amazing time in this fabulous Australian city:

Take a Trip Down Jetty Road

Jetty road has a fabulously laid back vibe. Here, you can sample some of the gorgeous food in one of the beach-side restaurants, relax under the shining sun, or even go shopping. Jetty road is famous in Adelaide, and around Australia for that matter, for having some of the greatest places to dine and shop. It’s in Glenelg, only about a 20 minute drive from the city centre too. If you can get Glenelg accommodation, then that’s even better as you’ll make it here in just a few minutes.

Swim With Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a dream for many people, and you can realise it here if you like. You’ll find many dolphins here, plus a large colony of sea lions to marvel at. The dolphins are totally wild, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll have much of a swim with them, however; they are very friendly and often swim up to boats to say ‘hello’. Choose a tour with the option to swim outside of the boat and you may have your very own swimming with dolphins experience. You can even do this if you’re a weak swimmer as flotation devices will be given to you.

Foodies Eat at Gouger Street

Right in the centre of Adelaide, there’s Gouger Street. Similar to Jetty Street, except this place is convenient to get to if you’re staying right in the middle of this Australian city. There are so many places to eat; you’ll be spoilt for choice. A range of French, Italian, and Asian restaurants are dotted about, but I’d say the speciality is Chinese food, thanks to Adelaide’s own version of Chinatown. Give it a try!

Have a Fun Filled Day at Adelaide Zoo

Although this zoo may seem small when in comparison to some of Australia’s other major zoos, they more than make it up to punters with the wide range of animals they have on show. Their main attraction is the giant but cute panda bear. The zoo is constantly being upgraded too, so you won’t find any areas that look like they’ve been neglected since it’s first opening. The staff are great, and if you have any questions at all they will usually go the extra mile to answer your questions and educate you. Kangaroos, wombats, and koalas are all on show too, which any young children you’re with will LOVE.

There are more chilled attractions in Adelaide you can visit too if this isn’t your thing. Simply check on Tripadvisor to see what you can do. However, I do recommend you go for a nice stroll around some of the beautiful areas – they can be truly breathtaking. Thanks for reading!


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