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How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

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If you’ve looking to buy a new vehicle but are put off by the high costs you’re being quoted, this article might be for you. Even if you already own a car, you might be looking to switch insurers and save on your monthly bills. Thankfully, there are a number of key tips you can use to save on insurance costs and get the best deal possible. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Get a cheaper car

First things first — the more expensive your car is, the more it’s going to cost to insure. Not only will it cost more to repair, but it might also be more attractive to criminals. So if you want to reduce insurance costs, consider getting a cheaper, older model. Powerful cars are also considered more at risk from accidents, so that’s another reason why you might want a cheaper, smaller vehicle. 

  1. Drive less

If you can, use your car less — that could also reduce insurance costs. Most insurers ask for an estimate as to how often you’re going to use your vehicle; while this doesn’t need to be totally accurate, it should still be generally correct. If you can get away without using your car every day, this could reduce insurance costs.

  1. Store your car

Another thing that makes insurance higher is if your car is being stored in a public place, especially overnight. If you can keep it off the road or even in a garage, this could reduce your insurance costs.

  1. Check your area

In areas with more crime — especially vehicle crime — you should expect to be quoted a higher price for your insurance. While it might not be possible to move homes just to reduce insurance costs, it’s something you need to be aware of so you can make the best decision about insuring your car. 

  1. Be a careful driver

If you’ve got a good history and haven’t had accidents in the past, this is going to make you much more attractive to insurers. So one of the best ways to continue to get cheaper insurance is to not have to use your insurance or make any claims — by being a careful driver. If you do have an accident, you can have a look at DPL Motors European car repair to help fix the problem.

  1. Consider what coverage you want

While you might think full coverage is the only option, it’s also the most expensive one. If you did decide to get a cheaper, older model in order to reduce insurance costs, you might want to consider limited coverage with USAA roadside assistance. This could reduce costs even more.

  1. Be older

While you can’t sit around waiting to get older just to reduce your insurance costs, you need to be aware that car insurance is much cheaper the older you get.

  1. Shop around

Don’t just go for the first quote you’re given — shop around and get more options. Thankfully, that’s easy to do these days with a number of online insurance comparison sites. Simply enter your info and get a range of competitive quotes at the click of a button.

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