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One way that your money can be invested is through building a portfolio of shares.  This can help to accelerate the wealth creation process, but for anyone who is new to purchasing and selling shares, this can seem very daunting.  However, there are many tools and advisory services that are available to help you get started with investing.

The first step that you need to take is to determine whether or not you want to pay a financial adviser or broker to assist you with your trading and managing your shares, or trading shares by yourself by using an online platform.  Each of these methods has benefits to it, and your decision is going to depend on several different factors, including how familiar you are with trading shares and what your investment goals are.

Online trading platform or full-service broker?

Full-service brokers are able to manage your portfolio and trade shares as well as provide you with advice on your investment strategies.  However, fees are charged for the services they provide.  By contrast, when an online trading platform is used, you can directly trade shares and this usually provides you with savings compared to a full-service broker.  Usually, you are unable to directly receive any personal advice from an online trading platform.

After you have made your decision on whether to use an online platform or broker, further narrow your choice down by understanding how much support and customer service you will receive based on the fees that you pay. To help you select a platform, consider how functional and user-friendly it is.  Is the platform easy to navigate and understand?  Can it be accessed from your smartphone or tablet?

Other extras you may want to be on the lookout for include having access to research material or share quotes. For some individuals, it is essential to be able to trade a broad range of exchange-traded funds (asset like bonds, commodities, and shares are invested in by these investment funds) as well as shares.

Your next step is researching the shares you might want to buy and when it could be a potentially good time to invest in them.  Starting out with a small investment may be a good idea, particularly if you are new to trading.  That will help to minimize your losses as you are learning and developing your own investment strategies.

Selecting your first shares

Research is one of the major keys to successful trading.  The shares and other kinds of investments that you select need to be aligned with your specific investment strategy, as well as your long-term and short-term financial goals.  Your broker can make recommendations on shares to add to your portfolio based on your strategy.  If you are going to use an online trading platform, then you will need to conduct all of the investment research on your own.However, these can often make the best investments and lead to the greatest returns.

Beginning investors frequently start with trading shares from well-known companies since they are often perceived to be investments with lower risk.  Many individuals prefer trading shares in companies that are part of industries and businesses that they understand, as well as having knowledge of how the company makes money, how it has performed in the past, and whether or not it has a proven history for delivering good returns.

Numerous investors also choose well-known shares with a reputation for paying high dividend rates on a regular basis.  These are frequently referred to as income shares.  You might want to invest in growth shares.   Those are shares that might not pay dividends but are purchased for their potential for growing their share prices at a faster rate compared to the overall market.

Companies can be researched through reading market reports and independent broker recommendations, in addition to company financial reports and announcements.  They can help you learn more about their performance and business strategies.

After purchasing the shares, the research information can give you a good idea about the company’s performance and, when you should sell.  Whatever research you do should be to help you understand the company better and how the market views it to help you make better decisions when trading online or help you ask your financial advisor or broker more informed questions.

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