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How To Become Self-sufficient

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Being able to survive without a structured economy to support you means having to feed yourself. While many people stock up their pantry with cans and other long-lasting food, it’s not the only thing you can do. Becoming self-sufficient for food is a benefit to you now, and not just if anything were ever to happen. It can save you money and mean that you’re no longer reliant on various stores and other resources. It means having to put in some time, as well as some money to get started. But once you’ve started achieving your goals, you may never need to visit a supermarket again.


Growing Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Etc.

One of the first things people start doing when they want to be self-sufficient is growing things. It doesn’t take much to start up a vegetable patch or plant some fruit trees. Even if you don’t have any space outside, there are some things you can grow inside. However, if you want to grow enough to feed yourself and possibly a family, you need more land. You might have a large yard that’s sufficient, especially if you don’t use it for other purposes. Other people choose to rent or buy land that they can use. Growing plants requires you to put in some time, but can produce a lot of food.




Another popular way or sourcing food naturally is through hunting. It’s something humans have done forever, although the methods have changed. There are lots of different ways to hunt, and you could also include fishing. Much modern hunting, in the Western world, at least, is performed with a gun. If you’ve never hunted before, it’s important to get some training and experience. You also need to have the right equipment, and it’s not just about the gun. You wouldn’t want to go hunting without looking at the best hunting rangefinders first. Hunting could provide you with food for one meal, or it can keep you in supply for months.

Keeping Livestock

Bringing the animals to you is another option. Keeping livestock will provide you not just with meat but also dairy and eggs. There’s no need to go out and purchase an entire farm right away. Many people begin with chickens or perhaps a goat or pig. You can learn how to care for your animals and gather the milk or eggs they provide. You might also choose to slaughter them and use them for food. Any dairy that you have can also be used to make other products, including butter and cheese.


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Preserving Food

Being able to preserve food is also essential if you want to be self-sufficient. Food that keeps for longer can help you survive for longer. Fridges and freezers are useful, but you can also find other ways of preserving food. Canning is one method that people have been using for a long time. Having more food than you need means you can sell or trade the excess, or just keep it for the winter months.

Anyone can start to become self-reliant for food, even if they aren’t entirely dependent on their own produce. You can start creating your own food supply today.

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