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How To Boost The Value Of Your Home Before Selling

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Anyone who wants to sell their home at the start of next year should begin working now. There are lots of simple things you can do to boost the value and ensure you make the highest profit possible. The housing market has been booming for a while which means you have selected the right time to sell. Just make sure you use some of the tips and advice on this page to make improvements. Spending a few thousand dollars on renovations could make it easier for you to raise the asking price. With that in mind, there is no time to lose.

Don’t worry too much if you’re not a DIY expert. There are lots of professionals out there who will happily perform the hard work on your behalf. You’ll have to pay a fee for their services, but sometimes it’s best to let the professionals handle the job. So long as you pay attention, you should get a much higher valuation the next time you ask an estate agent to visit.

  • Improve the exterior of your property

The outside of your home is the first thing people see when they come to visit. That means you need to work hard to ensure it looks stunning. Mow the lawn, paint the brickwork, and add lots of flowers. You can also lay a new driveway if you think the old one looks a bit rough. Again, don’t make the mistake of doing that without help if you’re useless at DIY. You need the work to look professional and stylish, not like a child has been let loose with cement. As a ballpark figure, you should budget to spend around $3,000 on exterior work. That should be more than enough to ensure buyers feel excited when they approach your home.



  • Consider a roof restoration

Maybe there are some loose tiles on your roof that make noise when it’s windy outside? Perhaps there are tiles missing, and so everything in the attic tends to get wet? Paying for a roof restoration could be the best option on the table. It’s usually a cheap job, and it will save the buyers lots of time. That should make the idea of acquiring your home more attractive. Just be warned that restoring a roof is often a dangerous job. Trying to do it yourself is a recipe for disaster, so you should always call the experts. There’s no way of predicting how much the job will cost because it depends on the nature of the work. However, it’s sensible to budget at least $1,000 for the task.

  • Look for improved heating solutions

Buyers will want to know they can keep their family warm inside the property. So, it’s always worth taking a look at alternative heating solutions. Most homes come with gas central heating as standard these days. However, you might like to go for something a little more traditional. Adding a coal fire or furnace to your property could ensure it’s always nice and toasty. Those contraptions will heat the entire house without the need for gas or electricity. That is why they can also help to keep your energy costs low. Just make sure there is a coal delivery service in your local area or you’re going to experience issues.



  • Install triple-glazed windows

Ten years ago, double-glazing was all the rage. It helps to keep your property at a more suitable temperature, and it also helped with noise reduction. However, these days triple-glazing has become far more popular. Using three panes of glass means it is even more difficult for warm air to leave your home. Also, the windows are built to last for at least twenty-five years. That means the new owners won’t have to change them for a very long time. Indeed, they’ll probably sell the home and move out before they need replacing. Set at least $4,000 aside to ensure you can get triple glazing in every room of your property.

  • Clean and paint the interior

When someone comes to view your home, they try to imagine their family living in the property. That is difficult if the house is messy and your photographs are all over the walls. Also, the buyer probably isn’t going to have the same taste as you when it comes to decorations. So, it is wise to remove all the photographs, clean the house, and paint. Make sure you use neutral colours that are suitable for everyone. It will help to make the property seem like a blank canvas on which buyers could build. Whites, creams, and other soft shades are always a good idea.

  • Convert the garage

Converting your garage could help to make the home suitable for more potential buyers. Some families will have too many kids to move into a three-bedroom property. However, converting the garage could add an extra sleeping space that means your home makes their consideration list. At the end of the day, you want to make the house appealing to the widest demographic possible. That way, there should be at least one family out there who want to purchase it from you. The process of converting your garage is complicated, and you often need to seek permission. So, make sure you contact an architect and your local authority as soon as possible.

All the ideas and suggestions on this page should help you to make more profit when selling your home. You should now take a moment to consider your property and any further improvements. It’s important that buyers feel impressed when they arrive at the house and enter the hallway.

First impressions count when you’re dealing with large sums of money. Failure to get them excited during the first few seconds probably means they will leave without making an offer. Also, it’s worth mentioning that estate agents know what they are doing. Make sure you stick with their valuations when selecting a price. Ask for too much cash, and your home will stay on the market for a long time.

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