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How To Create A Compelling Advert For Your Business

Coming up with a brilliant idea is easy. Getting yourself out there is the difficult part. One of the most tried and tested routes is advertising. Ads can get your name out there in all the right places. Although traditional advertising is becoming less important, there are other ways. Advertising on social media and using targeted ads through Google are highly effective. However, you still have to cut through all the noise.

The only way to do that is to craft a killer ad. You need to capture people’s attention and lure them in. Tease them with expert wording and the right images. Give your product the edge it needs to push people into buying. This starts with targeting the right people. In the online world, it’s easier than ever. Secondly, you’ve got to grab attention and create intrigue. Finally, (and this is the tough bit) you’ve got to convince them to buy. All this and only a small space to work with! It’s not easy, but we’re on hand to help.


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  1. Identify and target your audience

Ads only work if they are directed at the right people. Get right into the heart of your company and figure out exactly what type of people will use your product. It helps if you offer a niche product or service here. Capture data about location, age, gender and other demographics that will help you. When crafting social media adverts and Google ads, you can target specific sections of society. Spend a long time researching your audience before you take out an ad.

  1. Imagine you have never seen your product before

If you had to boil your product down into one sentence, what would that be? You have to go right back to basics and sum up your services. This must be simple and descriptive. As a business owner, you can often be too close to your own product. Take a step back and look at the product as a whole.

  1. How will this product change your life?

This is the key to getting people to click on the ad. It is the gateway to more sales and higher conversions. Getting seen is not enough, you need results. That comes from convincing people that they need this product. In a short space, you have to show people how this product will change their life for the better. What will your product bring to their life?

  1. Consider the product positioning

Before you consider taking out an advert, think about how you want your company to be perceived. Is it a mass market, budget product? Is it high end? Do you want your product to be associated with a certain culture or society sector? Defining this will really help you stand out. Once you’ve made a decision, tailor your advert around this and target those sectors. Here are some examples of product positioning. Use them to generate your own ideas.

Finally, keep it short and to the point! You only have a small amount of time to attract attention.


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