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How To Be A Lawyer

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Lawyers are among the most respected professionals in the country. It is a great ambition to follow if you have the skills, drive and passion to make it happen. Being a lawyer can be a hugely rewarding and diverse career choice.

Once qualified, all areas are open to you. Whether you want to pursue criminal law, corporate law or family law, the world is yours to explore. However, be aware that it is a long and arduous process.

Though the rewards are rich and lucrative, the journey is long. At the end of it all, your job could take you anywhere. There are law firms all over the world. You could set up a practice in Italy or join a Gibraltar solicitors company. Without further ado, here’s how you make it as a lawyer.

Start early

If you have dreams of becoming a lawyer, the ideal time to start planning is while still at school. Becoming a lawyer involves a long degree course followed by law school, exams and applications. Getting a head start is vital. Getting good grades is the first step. Your goal is an Ivy League education. This will stand you in the best stead for attending a top law school and a place in a top law firm.

Join debate teams

There is no better way to arm yourself with lawyer skills than by joining a debate team. This will teach you the essentials of negotiation and debate. You will learn the hidden secrets behind tricking information from your opponent. You will learn how best to use words to disarm others. It will also immerse you in the world of public speaking.


The road to becoming a solicitor is a long one. In the USA, it is a very competitive industry. This is made clear by the extensive route to qualification. The first step is college and a good 4 year degree programme. Ideally, your major should be in something relevant. It could be pre-law studies, for example. English, economics and political science are also good options. Once completed, you’ll need to attend law school, before passing the BAR exam to practice in your state.


With the qualifications under your belt, it’s time to start looking for internships. Throughout your schooling, you should be making as many connections as possible. Get close to professors and advisors. Gain recommendations from influential people. Try to gain work experience as you study. This could be simply shadowing a law office for a couple of days. It might be helping out in the reception or filing data. This will put you ahead of the pack when it comes to applying for positions.


Law school requires a full understanding of law. However, you should always be thinking about your specialty. Once qualified, lawyers are expected to hone their skills. Criminal lawyers, naturally, deal with crime. They are what you think of when you imagine a court scene. There are also business lawyers who help negotiate contracts. There are family lawyers who oversee divorces. You’ll slowly find yourself gravitating to one or the other.

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