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How to Create a Memorable Brand That’s Impossible to Forget

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Branding is such an important part of starting a project – it allows marketing to take place all over the world. This is helped by using an icon, logo, or graphic of some kind that’s memorable and recognisable. Not just that though – you need a memorable brand name too. Here’s how to make a memorable brand that’s literally impossible to forget:

Brainstorm Short, Memorable Words & Phrases

The very first thing you do should be brainstorming; whether you choose to do it on a notepad, on a whiteboard, or on the computer. The names you come up with should be short and memorable, but clever too. This means you should use wordplay and conceptual meanings too, if you can. Once you’ve got around 7 different names, go and do something else so that when you come back to it, you’ve got a fresh mind. Would somebody who saw that name on your website understand what you did/who you are?

Once you’ve got the perfect name, it’s important that you also come up with some shorter nicknames to contribute value and offer an alternative branding style. This is especially important you have quite a long name for your brand already.

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Logo Font

The logo font is very important when it comes to designing an unforgettable brand, but don’t worry; you don’t need to be an expert to get it right. Free fonts off the web will usually do the trick! When choosing your logo font, think about which one matches your logo identity best. You can then add the finishing touches using Photoshop! You might not get it completely right first time, but don’t worry; you can change it down the line.


You don’t necessarily need artwork to go with your new logo, but it can help to complement it if you do it right. Why not design your brands very own mascot? Like Frosties mascot, Tony the Tiger.

Trust Your Instincts

Above all, you need to trust your instincts, and if something feels right; go for it! Identity is important for almost everything, but it’s more important than ever online because you need to stick in people’s heads. Creating a whole brand is much more complex than just thinking of a few clever names.

To help perfect the branding process, the key is to keep practicing. Always come up with fresh new ideas and take inspiration from what other people are implementing. Think outside of the box and forget the normal ruleset and you’ll create a truly unforgettable brand!

Once you’ve created your brand, you can then get business cards, posters, and signs printed up from companies like Kent based IVC.

In Conclusion

Branding can be extremely difficult, most projects first launch with a great concept or a rubbish name, and vice versa. You need to remember that a great identity on it’s own won’t do much for you, but it will get your company noticed. Don’t be put off by making mistakes either – learn from them, and grow as a business!

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