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How To Prevent Motion Sickness Whilst Travelling

Motion sickness can wreck even the best of trips. It makes sense therefore, that you’d want to learn of what can be done in order to stop it from becoming a problem. Though the situation for each person is unique, there are a variety of things you can try, that have worked for many  different people.

These solutions can often be inexpensive, and quick to work, so you don’t really have much to lose. Once you do find something that works however, you’ll be glad you put in the time to experiment, as you’ll now have a way to travel, without having to deal with the issue of motion sickness.

Avoid Food Odours

One of the main problem areas for people who suffer from motion sickness, is that their motion sickness can often be caused by strong smells of food. This can often be a hard thing to deal with, as there is not much you can do when it comes avoiding food smells when you are out and about. Knowing that this can be trigger though, can at least help you take some level of preemptive action, when you’re out on your travels.

Focus on Distant Objects

A practice used by many, motion sickness can often be tackled, if you try and focus on objects that are far away. For example, if you are on a plane, you could think about focusing on the horizon. Alternatively, you could just try and close your eyes altogether; though the effectiveness of this is questionable, as there are now no distractions when it comes to your motion sickness.

Motion Sickness Tablets

Available at your local pharmacy, you’ll be able to get some motion sickness tablets to help you ease any motion sickness you might be feeling. Each brand is different though, and each one could have a different effect on your symptoms. It’s therefore a good idea to try several, and not disregard the idea of motion sickness tablets, should one brand prove to be ineffective.

Get Some Fresh Air

Though this might be hard to do if you’re on a plane, it can be a great strategy if you’re on other forms of transport such as a car, or even a ferry. The cold air can often provide you with a refreshing sense of ease, that is highly soothing when you’re trying to beat motion sickness.

Someone Get me a Paper Bag…

Motion sickness, though not fatal, can prove to be disastrous for those afflicted by it. You’ll often find that if you’re affected by motion sickness, you can’t even enjoy travel like other people, and no matter how much you try and focus on those apartments in Tenerife, and how good they’ll be, motion sickness just happens to get the better of you.

Though the situation might seem dire, there are in fact things you can do, to at least make things a little better on yourself. By following a few of the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to use that paper bag for souvenirs, rather than a place to store last nights dinner…today.

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