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How to Create your Own Custom Designed T Shirt

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Modern fashion is pretty fast paced and trends are forever changing which has allowed many of us to reach into our creative flare and start customising our own clothing. Creating custom designed t-shirts is a popular trend to start off on simply because it can be enjoyable, fun and it can be relatively cheap to do. You can grab t-shirts for only a few pounds or even pence from websites like and then to customise you can use a huge variety of things like gems, crystals and fabric paints and pens.

Ok, so let’s get down to do. Here are a few steps to think about when creating your own custom designed t shirt.

Step 1 – Brainstorm & Get Ideas for a Design

Ok, so first you need to think about your design and what its going to look like. Here you’re going to need some inspiration and ideas if you havent got any already. You should take a look online at other people who make custom t-shirts and get ideas from the likes of Custom Planet who also make custom t-shirts. You may want to think about current trends of even passed trend if you’re into your vintage style of clothing. Are you going to create something to fit the current trend so you can wear and be proud of now or are you going to go against the grain and create something completely new and out of the blue? Think about it first and get some ideas.

Step 2 – Get Your Ideas into a Design

PhotoshopIf you want to avoid costly mistakes you probably want to put all those ideas firstly into a hand drawing design. Here you can roughly sketch out a design first, for the front, back or both sides of your t shirt. If your a little tech savvy and your used to designing and making things you may have Photoshop which is even better as you could make an actual to scale size of your t-shirt and get down your ideas into a perfectly sized scale to ensure all your creativeness / design is going to fit onto the size area of the t-shirt. Getting your ideas down on paper or on a computer illustrated design is much easier and cheaper than making mistakes on the actual t-shirt you’re going to be designing.

Step 3 – Think About the Materials you will Need

Ok, so you need to think about what things you are going to actually stick or paint onto your t-shirt. Are you going to use crystals? Fabric paint? Fancy gems? Think about the design you’ve just made and what would look and suit your design best.

Step 4 – Ensure you have the Right Tools for the Job

Depending on how complex your design is and what materials and accessories you are using to design your t-shirt you will need to think about the tools you need for the job. If you are planning on cutting holes or patches into your t-shirt you need to think about getting a sharp fabric cutting knife or a specialised fabric cutting tool like this one on eBay. If you are planning on sticking gems and crystals on your design your going to need some fabric glue. If you need to paint or draw a design onto the t-shirt you will need some fabric paint and if you’re planning on adding patches to your design you will need to know how to sew and get yourself a sewing kit (if you don’t already have one).

Step 5 – Get Creative and Get Started

That’s it, you have your plan, you have the right tools and materials and accessories for your t-shirt so just get started and have fun! Be careful when using sharp tools. You don’t want to cut yourself.

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