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How To Lose Weight On Your Face

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If you’re interested in losing weight, particularly on your face, you, like other people want to know what exercises or what diet to go on which will help achieve this. After a tiny bit of research you’ll come to understand that actually there is no set way of ‘choosing’ where you’re going to lose weight from on the body. By simply losing weight, you’ll naturally lose it a bit from everywhere. Everyone is different too, sometimes the fat will drop off the thighs first or the belly, for other people the weight will come off the face first.

It’s like that old myth about doing sit ups will help you lose belly fat… well this isn’t true. Doing sit ups will strengthen your core, but weight will not be lost as a result of this.

To Lose Weight On Your Face, Simply Lose Weight…

When you start to eat properly or go on sustainable diets and even exercise you will notice you will begin to lose weight from certain areas of your body. Overtime you’ll notice your face is more structured. This is because weight is slowly dropping from your face.

I know the title of this section mentions ‘Simply Lose Weight’ – I know it is not that simple, and there is a lot of overwhelming hurdles to overcome if you are in the initial stages of trying to lose weight. My recommendation would be to begin eating the right food. Consider watching your calories or the paleo diet.

Starting small is key I believe in your weight loss journey.

After you have mastered this, then think about exercise. The problem is with most people when they begin to tackle weight loss is that they put too much pressure on their-selves. If you are used to a certain lifestyle with eating habits it can be hard to break away from that. Starting small is key I believe in your weight loss journey – so start with eating the right things. Maybe just try it for one day, then have a normal day again. Keep alternating for a week or so, and then try 2 days on, 1 day off. Another method would be to give yourself a ‘treat day’. You can have this on a Saturday or Sunday or whichever day you wish. This is your day to have anything you want to eat.

Eating correctly though doesn’t mean starving yourself though. You should still eat as much as the right stuff until your full. has a great article on their site about breakfast… Don’t skip it basically!

Exercise – (Once You’ve Mastered Eating Correctly)

Once you have mastered eating correctly you may have found that some weight is dropping off your face. This is great, what we need to do now is complete your new found healthy lifestyle and add a bit of exercise in there. The best type of exercise for losing weight on your face and rest of the body is aerobic exercise so running, swimming, biking, walking are all great. You should start with maybe walking to work, or walking to your local shops when you need to go. Increase this and make it more regular overtime. You could even consider joining the gym.

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