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How To Deal With HR Managers

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Do you have a human resources problem that needs solving? At some point, we’ve probably all had a problem that called for the help of a HR manager. Unfortunately, sometimes these managers can be unhelpful, negative and vague. It’s important that you don’t give up so you can get the HR advice you need and deserve! Your needs as a worker are very important, remember that. Here’s how you can deal with HR managers:

Tell The HR Manager

Ok, so you’ve already voiced your concerns to the HR manager and you feel that they’re not helping you? You need to tell them! Don’t be nasty or say things you may regret, just inform them professionally and politely that you feel they’re not helping you, and you’d like the advice and support you need. They may not have even realised that you felt this way! You also need to make sure that you’re being reasonable, they may not be able to provide the moon for you regardless of your problem.

Ask The HR Manager To Give You The Facts

If you’re told something can’t be achieved, ask the HR manager to show you the documentation or legal background so that you can fully understand the issue. If anything, this will show the HR manager that you aren’t just going to give up and make them deal with your problem more effectively.

Ask Your HR Manager Why They Are Not Prepared To Help You

Explain to your HR manager why you feel it’s their job not yours to pursue the employment issue you’re having and why it’s up to them to find a solution. Ask for their reasons as to why they think of this matter differently. You can then go away, see if you can find any gaps in their reasoning and come back with a well thought out argument that challenges this (although the word argument is used there’s no need to be aggressive or to start using insults).

If You Still Have Not Received The Help You Need…

If you still haven’t received the help you need, this could mean that the HR manager is inexperienced, overwhelmed with lots of work, or someone who is just lazy. In any case that is not your problem, and you are well within your rights to request a HR manager who wants to do their job and does it properly.

Speak To Your Direct Manager

Now is the time to speak to your direct manager. Tell them your issues if you can, and ask them to intervene, there might be something going on at a higher level that your manager can work out.

File A Complaint

You need to file an internal complaint if you aren’t getting anywhere and you’ve tried your hardest. Remember, this method is a last resort so only go there once you’re sure you’ve been down every avenue you could possibly take.

Ask For Review Of The HR Manager

Raise your issues with senior management and seek review of the HR manager if you feel the role is too limited and not what you expect from them. Request review of the role and level of input of the HR manager. This way you can outline clearly what you and your colleagues should be getting from this role and give senior management the decision whether or not to review the role.

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