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How To Choose The Right Fan For Your Ceiling

You might be considering getting a fan for your ceiling, however, it’s not as simple as just selecting the style and colour you like. There are some other important things you must take into account before picking the right fan for your ceiling. Here’s how you can choose a ceiling fan that will suit your needs and home perfectly:

Decide Where The Fan Is To Be Installed

First of all you need to decide where you want your ceiling fan to be installed. The majority of people who have ceiling fans installed have them in the centre of a ceiling. One fan in the centre is ok for small to medium sized rooms, however, you may need two or more fans evenly spread out for larger rooms. Remember, you should never install a fan over your bed for your own safety. You don’t want any close calls or dangerous accidents!

Consider The Factors Of The Room

The Size Of The Room

You’ll need a 30 inch ceiling fan for rooms that are 8 by 10; this could be a small bedroom, walk in wardrobe or a small kitchen.

You’ll need a 42 inch ceiling fan for rooms up to 12 by 12; this could be a medium sized bedroom, a kitchen or a spare room.

You’ll need a 52 inch ceiling fan for rooms that are 18 by 20; this could be large bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, etc

The Ceiling Height

For a low ceiling you’ll need a hugger mount or traditional style.

For a standard height ceiling you’ll need a traditional mount down with rod.

For a higher or sloped ceiling you’ll need an extended down rod fan.

For your safety, you’ll also need to measure the height of the floor to the blades of the fan. Make sure you take into account the amount the fan hangs from the ceiling.


Make sure your electrical units aren’t overloaded when installing your ceiling fans. If you’re getting a fan that includes a light, make sure your electrical units can handle it. If you don’t need a light, you might want to consider an extractor fan instead of a ceiling fan.

You should always consult an electrician before attempting to install any fan yourself.

Choosing A Good Ceiling Fan

To get the most from your new fan it’s important that it’s good quality. You don’t want it to go too slow or wobble when it’s on. You also won’t want your fan to make a humming noise – this is what cheap fans do and it can be very annoying!

Once you’ve taken all these points into account, you can begin searching for the perfect ceiling fan for your home. Remember that ceiling fans won’t take the humidity out of the air so they may not be the answer to all your prayers if that’s what you’re after. Always remember health and safety as ceiling fans can be dangerous if not placed and installed properly. Other than that you should enjoy your new ceiling fan!

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