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How to Enjoy the Smooth Shaving Experience

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Being able to shave is a rite of passage for a man. It’s part of growing up and reaching manhood. But many men struggle to get the ultimate, perfect smooth shave. This is because it’s much more difficult to achieve than many people realise. Now there are some things you can do to get the perfect shave. This is a list of just some of those great ideas.

Buy the Right Shaving Cream

A lot of people overlook how important the right shaving products can be. Now, you’ll have the choice between shaving cream, foam and shaving gel. You need to pick the type you feel is best for you and your skin. Remember you might get irritation from certain types of cream, foam or gel. So you need to make sure you choose the right product for you. Pick something that’s a well-known make to ensure quality.


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Get a New Razor

The key to enjoying the best shave possible is to have the best razor possible. This might well mean getting yourself a new razor. The important part of the process is what razor blades you’re going to use. Cheap blades can break or become worn. Many are already quite blunt, or will blunt easily. This leads to problems when you’re shaving as you may not get an even shave. You’re also much more likely to cut or nick yourself too.

Open the Pores

Once you have all the stuff and you’re ready to begin, you need to open your pores. The way you do this is to wash your face with really hot water. This will open the skin pores and allow you go enjoy a closer, more effective shave. It means that when you put the cream or gel on you’ll get much closer. This, again, will cut down on skin irritation as a result of the shaving. Plus it helps you get rid of any ingrown hairs that might be around.

Go With the Grain

A lot of what makes the perfect shave is the technique you use. It’s important to make sure you shave with the grain of your stubble. This way you ensure you have the smoothest possible outcome from the shave. It also reduces the risk of skin rash and razor cuts. To get a smooth, unblemished face after shaving, you need to try to make sure you shave with the grain rather than against.

Moisturise After

One of the most important things you need to remember is what to do after the actual shave. It’s imperative that you come up with ways to rejuvenate your skin. It will be exposed now you’re clean shaven. It might also have become dry or irritated due to the shaving cream. So you’ve got to make sure you moisturise well afterwards. Get yourself a good moisturiser, perhaps one you’ve used before. Make sure you rinse your face thoroughly after shaving, before drying it and then adding the moisturiser.

You need to realise that shaving is a process, and it’s something that takes practice to get perfect. There are many secrets to getting a smooth and perfect shave. You will need to the right equipment for a start, and you’ll also need to spend the time getting your technique just right.


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