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How to find the best Christmas tree for your home

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While many might be inclined to think that finding the right Christmas tree for their home is a relatively simple affair (just a random selection process), one could argue that the exact opposite is true. Quite simply, there are a number of factors which need to be considered if you are going to choose the absolute best tree for your living room or den. In this article we’ll provide specific criteria to look out for as well as tips on where to look.

First off, those who want to take the easy way out might just as well consider purchasing an artificial tree. These days you can find some really great plastic trees that not only look fantastic, but are also easy to pack away in storage for the next holiday season. All in all, it’s perhaps the most economical approach.

Having said that, if you’re the type of person who happens to enjoy the smell of a freshly cut tree in your house during the holidays, nothing short of the real deal will suffice. Of course there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration before even setting foot outside to track down a tree, for example:

  • Where the tree is to be placed
  • The actual height of your ceiling(s) and door frames

You’d be surprised by the number of people who actually leave to visit a farm in search of their perfect holiday tree who completely forget to measure the dimensions of the room where it is to be placed. Aside from figuring out just how much physical space you have to work with, you’ll also need to take note of the size of doorways (usually in terms of standing widths). Next, take a minute to figure out where the tree is going to go, remembering to account for any other related factors such as heater placement and so forth. For those who plan on having a tree in a more open area, it’s vitally important that you choose one that’s very balanced-looking (or symmetrical on all sides).

Once you’ve completed those steps (and before you’re on your way), you should:

  • Grab a tape measure
  • Pick up some colored rope, ribbon, or other materials which can be used for identification
  • Bring a nice saw, shovel
  • Pack some hauling rope

When you arrive at your destination (perhaps a tree farm or the forest), you should immediately begin identifying potential candidates based on the following factors:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Evenness (how “balanced” does the tree look)

All you need to do is wrap something around each entrant so that you can compare and contrast them all later. Once you’ve found your best pick, make a perfectly level cut at the base, remembering to leave up to 8 – 10 inches at the bottom so that it can easily fit into your tree holder.

If you follow the aforementioned directions you should be able to find a Christmas tree that’s more than adequate for your holiday purposes. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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