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How to Funk Up Your Boring Old Wardrobe

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If you’re getting sick and tired of your wardrobe, you’re probably considering going clothes shopping and having a clear out. But hang on a second! What about making your boring old wardrobe much more interesting by customising bits and bobs? This way, you won’t need to spend as much money, or throw as many things away. It’s recycling at it’s best! Read on for ideas on how to funk up your wardrobe:

Rip Your Jeans/Leggings

One thing you can do to totally change the look of your wardrobe, is rip your jeans and leggings. No, not so it looks like you’ve popped out of them Hulk-style; so they look worn and distressed to create a funky, boho look. All you need for both is a pair of scissors and a steady hand. You can create many different effects too, depending on the look you’re after. Watch tutorials on YouTube to help you.

Re-hem a Skirt

Re-hemming a skirt can take a little more skill, but you can use the skill to make skirts shorter and give them a new lease of life. Use the trick on long dresses too, so you can create a cute summer mini dress!

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Transform a T-shirt

Grab all of your old t-shirts and carefully observe them. Are there any that you could add decoration on to? For example, a plain white t-shirt could be made totally unique by printing out a slogan on an iron-on piece of paper and then applying it to the material. I love creating a tank top with my own message, and I’m sure you will too!

Add Badges to a Jacket

Take a load of random pins and iron on badges and apply them in a random order to an old jacket. Try to group them in odd numbers if you can, for the best possible effect. To make a big statement, iron a large badge on to the back of your jacket.

Cut It Off

You can transform an item simply by cutting something off of it. Cut the legs off your jeans to create shorts, cut the sleeves off your t-shirts to create a vest top, cut the bottom off a long skirt to create a short skirt – use your imagination!

Tie-Dye Everything

Order some tie-dyes in your favourite colours off eBay, and watch tutorials on YouTube to find out how to make an effective tie-dye piece of clothing. It’s great for plain cotton materials! You don’t even have to do a tie-dye effect either; simply dye something plain a bright colour to funk it up.

Sew on Jewelry

Using bracelets and necklaces, you can create a stunning focal point on an old going out top by sewing them on to the neck and sleeves. This can create a really glamorous look with minimum time and money spent on the garment!

It’s so simple to save money by customising your old clothes…your friends will probably even think you’ve been shopping for a whole new wardrobe!

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