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How To Get A UK Passport

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I heard a shocking statistic a couple of days ago, the man on the radio said that over 30% of UK residents have never owned a passport of any kind. This means one of two things, either they’ve never been outside of this little island before, or they’ve been traveling illegally. Both are pretty depressing, but thanks to the strength of our border control, most people are convinced they’ve just stayed at home for holidays. Even so, we’re supposed to be a progressive and knowledgeable people, but is this even possible when only 70% of us have ever seen a glimpse of the outside world? People are far too content with watching the X Factor it would seem.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to write an article today showing you all how simple it is to get an official passport that will allow you to travel to almost any country on earth. I sincerely hope seeing it in black and white will help to ease your concerns and show you that although Blackpool might be fun every now and again, there’s a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore it. I’d hate to think that anyone spent their entire lives in a single country, especially at this day in age, so follow my advice and expand your consciousness as soon as possible – I promise it will make you a happier person.


To have your application accepted for a UK passport you must fit into one of the following categories…

  • British citizen
  • British citizen who lives overseas
  • British subject
  • British national who lives overseas
  • British protected person (i.e asylum seeker / diplomat)

So long as one of those describes you, move onto the next section.

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The Application Process

All you need to do is get a suitable photograph of yourself. This can be done outside of most supermarkets, or you could even head online and find a photo booth for sale on the selling website of one of the world’s leading brands. Either way, once you’ve got the photograph, it’s time to visit the post office and ask for the appropriate forms. Don’t worry though, there’s no cost for the paperwork itself, but it will cost you £81.25 to send it off to the passport office.

The Waiting Game

Depending on what time of year you apply for the passport, it could take up to and including 8 weeks before you get a response (usually a little quicker if they decline). This means you should never book or make any kind of travel arrangements until you’ve been sent a letter detailing the fate of your passport. You shouldn’t be too concerned though, most people without a criminal record are accepted instantly, whilst even those with a colourful criminal history aren’t always ruled out completely.

So, now you know how to go about getting yourself a UK passport, and you’ve read about how simple the entire process is, why are you still sat at home considering another week in Skegness next year? Are you mad?

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