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How To Get Your Start In Music

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So you want to play music. That’s great. Everybody needs a hobby. Maybe if you get good enough, you’ll go pro. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet though. There’s a lot of work that comes in when you become a musician. It’s a passionate activity; you need to love it if you want to succeed. It takes talent and knowledge too though.

An Instrument

You can’t play music without this. Your instrument should be the most precious thing to you in all the world. It should be the love of your life. You need to treat it with respect. An instrument may be with your for ten, twenty, maybe thirty years. It may not mean much when you get it, but it will over time.

Now before you get into adoring your instrument, you need to pick one. With so many musical instruments out there is can be hard to pick the one you want to play. Are you looking to be a keyboard player? Play the trombone? Maybe become a guitarist? For the sake of this guide we’ll say you want to become a guitarist.

So now you want to pick a guitar. What type do you want, acoustic or electric? There are many variations on sound and feel from many types and manufacturers of guitars. Just pick something basic at first.

Both simple acoustic and electric guitars are good to learn from. If you need a specific brand, ask someone knowledgeable at a music store. Never be afraid to ask someone more in the know than you.


Lessons are the traditional format for learning music. That said, there are a growing number of people who are teaching themselves music. There’s just something more rock and roll about being self taught.

Luckily, there are many ways to learn yourself these days. Looking up videos online for one. You can even find courses that help you learn, check out the Jamplay review on Stringpluck for more details.

Some people take naturally to instruments. Others have to work at it. This doesn’t affect the end result as a musician though. Natural talent can only go so far without practice. In the end, it’s all about what you’ve learned.

Practice and learn by yourself, or with others.

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A Band

Once you’re at an acceptable level of skill, you need to find a band. Working with other musicians helps develop your skill. It doesn’t matter what you play, you’ll find people to work with. Don’t feel confined to stick to musicians playing instruments of a similar type to yours.

You could be the trombonist in a rock band. Or the guitarist in an orchestra. Music is modular. It doesn’t have a set form. Explore, and you’ll find something you like and people to work with.

So there we are. The three step guide to getting into music. You may never turn pro and play festivals, but learning an instrument is a skill for life. Whether you use it to unwind, or explore your creative depths. Music is beautiful.

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