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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job

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It’s no secret that it’s becoming harder for the average person to get a job. Places are closing down due to recession, there are layoffs left right and centre, the interview process and even the applying for a job process is becoming more and more competitive.

It can feel horrible, actually wanting to work but just not being able to land a job. In fact, it seems to have hit the youth of today much harder with the percentage of unemployed reaching 28%. A lot of these young adults are going off to uni and getting brilliant qualifications and degrees, yet being left in the lurch when it comes to work not to mention some debt above there head. This doesn’t mean that middle aged workers haven’t found it difficult either, though!

One thing that really goes far when job searching is understanding what particular companies are looking for in an employee. What a shame it is when people have all the skills needed to perform in the role to a good standard, but missed out because they weren’t perfectly presented!

Here are some tips that should help middle aged workers and uni graduates alike increase their chances of getting a job:

Get An Online Presence

They may seem like minor details, but creating a blog, Linkedin or Facebook account can greatly increase your chances of getting a job. Your online presence will allow employers to get a better idea of who you are, what type of employee you’d be and your interests. Having an online presence can help in any industry, online or offline. This means it could even help when applying to work in a sandwich shop!

Have A Portfolio

Having a portfolio of your work ready to show an employer gives them proof that you can really do the things you say you can (many won’t just take your word for it, believe it or not). If you’re a developer, showing mobile apps or something similar you’ve built would be good. If you’re a writer, examples of your writing should be kept either in a folder or online ready to show off to that interviewer.

Do Some Homework

Too many people go in for a job at a company without properly finding out about that company (scarily, some people don’t do it at all). Do your research on the company you want to work for, become familiar with the work they do and read their company profile. You’ll be able to better explain why you’re suitable for the job, and tailor your opening letter accordingly.

Be Unique

Show the company you want to work for that you’ll bring something unique to the table. You can start this by creating a CV that is bold and straight to the point. You should avoid some CV templates, as a lot of these are cliche and won’t tell the company who you are as an individual. A good CV is the gateway to an interview, so put some real time and effort into it!

Take Online Courses

Demonstrate that you have the ability to learn and complete work to a high standard by taking online courses like Psychometric tests in numeracy and verbal reasoning. This shows your potential employer that you have the skills to work with numbers and you also have the certificate to prove that :-).

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