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How to Speak Basic Spanish for Dummies

Learning a new language can be quite tricky, getting to know new words, as well as the correct pronunciation is important. You could end up offending someone by not saying the right things in the write way when learning a new language. Some languages can be easier than others and Spanish is considered one of the easier ones. So if you’ve just booked your next holiday to spain or have maybe just purchased your self a luxury spanish villa then your going to need to brush up on your spanish language.

What Type Of Learner Are You?

This can be the easiest thing to help you learn anything much quicker; what you need to think of is how you learn things. Could you be a visual learner? This means you pick things up by what you see around you, this can be in images or written text. Or could you be an auditory learner? This is where you learn things more by hearing them. it could be that you need both to fully take things in. With this knowledge you can then find the right way to go about learning, this can be an online Spanish course, where you look at images etc, or it can be one that play on a CD with headphones.

Practice Makes Perfect

By practising and repeating the phrases and words you are of course going to learn it much better and quicker. A good tip is to vary the practice that you get, so instead of just sticking with the program you have gone for, look up and read additional sources. This can be in the form of spanish newspapers or websites, you need to focus and pick out the words that you know and recognise, the rest should then fall into place for you to work out.

Take Up A Course

One of the best ways is to take up a course, whether this be online or finding a local college. A college environment can be better as you other to talk to and learn with, this makes interaction and speaking in Spanish so much better.

Listen To The Radio

Much like reading the newspapers, you can tune into Spanish radio, here you are going to be able to pick out the words you understand, as well as get good practice in learning the pronunciations of words too.

Visit A Spanish Restaurant

This can be an ideal way to read, speak and listen to the Spanish language and have a nice meal out.

Have An English To Spanish Dictionary To Hand

When you are out and about it can be a good idea to have a dictionary with you, then you can find and make notes of your favourite things. This can be when you go shopping for example, you could write down the Spanish words on your shopping list next to the English ones. The more you do the more you will learn.

Set Yourself Tests

By setting yourself tests you can judge how far you are coming on, take the example of the shopping list from the point above; start by having one item on the list that is written in Spanish, that way when you are in the shops you will need to work out what the item is, you can then increase this to as many items as you like.

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