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How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From The Elements

Furniture is very expensive, but it helps decorate a house. Indoor furniture decorates the inside of the home, while outdoor furniture helps decorate the outside of the house. Many people use outdoor furniture to lounge, relax, or for small gatherings. But your outdoor furniture needs to be well taken care of.

Most people buy furniture for it to last for awhile, and it’s the same with outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture can cost quite a bit and it often requires more care since it is outside with the elements. Making sure the furniture is protected from the elements is important so your furniture can last for years and not months.

Outdoor furniture is exposed to the extreme heat and cold, sun, rain, and snow. During the winter months, it is important to bring your furniture inside the house or keep it in the garage to protect it from the winter elements. During a rainstorm or a thunderstorm, it would be important to either cover up the furniture or bring it inside.

If you’re unable to bring the furniture in the house, your best bet is to buy a patio covering or furniture covering. You can find a variety of outdoor furniture and supplies or materials to protect your outdoor furniture, by buying rattan furniture online from Clever Clicker.

Here are three ways to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements.

Type of wood

The first thing to do is to buy the best type of wood for the outdoor elements. Mahogany and teak are the best for the outdoors. Make sure you stay away from cedar, cypress, and redwood. These types of woods help gather pesky insects.


Next, cover the furniture with waterproof coverings when they are not being used, not just when the weather is adverse. Make sure the furniture is completely covered, not just the seat or the back. If a thunderstorm or windy conditions are coming, make sure you nail down or tightly secure the covering so it won’t blow away.


Be sure you clean the furniture thoroughly at least several times a year. Paint the furniture. You paint the furniture with a special type of fluid that soaks into the wood to protect it. Choose a water sealant that will cause the water to roll off the furniture. The higher the quality water sealant, the better it protects your furniture.

It will also protect the furniture from ultraviolet rays, which can fade and corrode the color of the furniture. Be sure to paint or coat all parts of the furniture properly. Then allow the paint to dry before placing a covering on the furniture or using the furniture. You can also apply oil solvent on the furniture that works like a protector after you have cleaned, painted, and applied the water sealant to the furniture. Unfortunately, there’s a misnomer about how wood can withstand water. It can’t.

Eventually the water will eat through the wood and cause a great deal of damage. Adding a protective layer to your wood save your furniture and help it last longer. If you purchase metal or non-wood type outdoor furniture, you still need to protect it from the outdoor elements. Don’t purchase the cheapest products just because they are the cheapest. You invested money into your outdoor furniture, it’s important to invest money into the upkeep and maintenance of your outdoor furniture.


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