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How To Maximise Your Chances Of Buying Tickets For Sporting Events

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Sport is a massive part of most people’s lives. For the most part, we love to play sport. There is no better feeling than the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins when the blood starts to pump. Even better, it is a way great way to socialise and create friends for life. Whether your sport of choice is tennis or cricket, there are plenty of benefits.

On the flip side, not many people tend to watch sport live. Although participation is huge, ticket prices and a lack of tickets put the regular sport’s fan off attending events live. If you are someone who likes to get off the couch and get your hands dirty, here’s how to give yourself the best chance of snagging a ticket.

Be Proactive

Ticket touts like the snatch up tickets at the first chance to sell them for a profit. The result is a pile of tickets left for hundreds of thousands of people, which considerably lower your chances. Check out the event you are looking to attend and comb through the fine detail. Some events will put up tickets for presale before they go on general sale.


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Be Persistent

Sometimes, there is no way to getting a ticket other than spending your day on the phone. In fact, nowadays you can also use your laptop or Internet device to buy tickets, too. On the day the tickets go on sale, get up early and get your devices at the ready. Ring and keep on refreshing the web page until you get through, or they run out of tickets. Remember: the early bird catches the worm!

Buy A Package

Certain sporting events offer tickets in conjunction with necessary amenities. For example, if you are going abroad, you are going to need flights and accommodation when you land. They are called package deals, and they are another alternative rather than buying tickets outright. Golfing events love to use this technique, so if you are looking for Masters tickets for 2016, think about paying the extra for the package.

Think Outside Of The Box

The conventional methods are the ones that are going to be filled with like-minded people trying their luck. But, if you shouldn’t use the conventional methods, what should you use? Well, you can always think outside of the box and enter a competition. Competitions are not all luck because there is a formula. Some are just sheer persistence while others are all about offering them what they want. A competition is the cheapest way to get a ticket for any event if truth be told.


Maximising your chances of obtaining a ticket is all about using any method necessary. Obviously, the price of a ticket on eBay is going to be a lot higher. But, if you have the cash and the desire, online ticket touts could be your last chance.

The one thing you need more than anything is a stroke of luck. If you mix that with the above, you will be well on your way to the sporting event of your dreams!


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