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How to Move to a Foreign Country

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, far away.  For many people the reason behind moving to a foreign country is usually related to business opportunities or perhaps some specific thing that speaks to their particular lifestyle.  Whatever the reason, switching your country of residence can be extremely satisfying, however that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy.  In truth, there are a few things you need to consider and/or prepare before relocating abroad.

First things first, you’ll want to make sure that your documentation is up to date and in alignment with any regulations.  This includes your passport, required visa(s), and any other paperwork that might need to be taken care of prior to embarking on your big move.  Vaccinations and medical requirements are also something to think about and study, so don’t forget to check.

Next, you’ll want to begin thinking about the logistics surrounding your assets, home and belongings.  If, for example, you own your own home, you have the option of either selling it outright or using it as a rental property.  In either scenario there are specific considerations; for instance, if you’re selling, then you must decide whether or not to use a real estate agent or list it yourself.  In either case you might have to choose whether or not to take a lower price than expected (assuming you aren’t flooded with offers right away).  For those who are still paying on a mortgage things can be somewhat trickier.  In these types of cases you might want to try to establish a system whereby you can relieve yourself of the burden entirely; at any rate, check with your lender/bank and iron out all the details.

If you can wait, a dedicated real estate agent can even sell your property while you’re away, however this might not always be a possibility.  If you decide to rent it out then you’re going to need someone who is both trustworthy and professional to handle your property in your absence.  Assuming that you have someone on hand that’s capable of fulfilling this role, renting is great because it’s a steady source of income; however, if things start to turn sour (or you need the money to buy new property) you’ll probably wish you’d just sold it right away.

Then of course there’s the issue of your belongings. Before you even start thinking about what you’re bringing, make it a point to get quotes from international movers here. You want to look into as many companies as possible; also, take note of their specific incentives. Obviously if this is a permanent move you’re going to want to either bring everything with you or sell of those items which you don’t intend to move. There’s no point of buying a storage unit to house belongings which you’re not ever going to retrieve is there?

If you’ve not been able to actually scout out locations in your new country the best option is to book a hotel and do that ASAP.  If, for instance, you have a specific date by which your belongings are to be moved by don’t know where they are to be moved to, then you can either arrive several weeks in advance to scout out a location, or rent a storage facility there.

Lastly, find a lawyer there, open up a bank account and hammer out any lingering details which need to be dealt with.  Good luck!

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