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How to Pick The Right Electronic Cigarette For You

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Electronic cigarettes are the most popular way to give up smoking at the moment, and for good reason. They give you that nicotine fix, without any of the other nasty chemicals that come with smoking normal cigarettes. Plus they come in a whole range of amazing designs, delicious flavours and varying strengths. However, with so many different choices, how do you know which is the right electronic cigarette for you? Follow our tips on how to pick the right one and quit smoking in no time.

Ask your friends

Are any of your friends or family quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes? These will be some of the best people to get opinions from, as they’re experiencing it first hand. Find out what electronic cigarette they’re using, the brand and whether they have had any bad experiences with others. We’re willing to bet you get a few offers of “Here, try mine”, as well!

Read the reviews

If you don’t know anyone using electronic cigarettes, or haven’t made up your mind, then try checking out reviews online. You’ll find that there are websites that list the best electronic cigarette reviews to make it easier for you to make a choice. You’ll discover which brands last the longest, have the nicest flavours and do the trick.

Choosing flavours

If you have made a decision on the brand of electronic cigarette then check out the whole range of flavoured liquids, you can get. Everything from apples and pears, to popcorn and chocolate, seems to have been turned into an e liquid that can be used in your new device. It may be worth ordering a few different flavours in case that super sweet one is starting to make you feel a bit sick.


Of course, no decision can ever be completed without bearing in mind the cost. It is not just the initial outlay you have to think of (buying the e-cigarette itself), but also the cost of the refills, the batteries and any other extras you may need. A cheap electronic cigarette may not always be the best, especially if the reviews say it doesn’t seem to last. Use the online reviews and your friends and family to work out the best quality at the best price.

Other things to consider

When you’re picking the right electronic cigarette for your needs, it’s not just about what it looks or tastes like. Think about things such as the battery life, how easy it is to buy, charge or replace batteries and how reliable they are too. If you have found a cheap version that does all the flavours you love, but the battery doesn’t last, then it might not be the one for you. However, if you will always be within reach of rechargeable batteries then that won’t matter in the slightest. Find out what fits in best with your life and go for that one!

Quitting smoking using electronic cigarettes is so rewarding, as long as you find the right brand to help. Hopefully the above tips have made it easy for you to make a decision, and now you can get on with the important job of kicking the habit.

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