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How to Plan a Move Overseas

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If you’re planning on moving abroad sometime soon, it’s important you plan it properly to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re moving of your own accord or for a job offer, this guide on how to plan a move overseas will help you:

Do Your Research

If you’re moving with a company then make sure you ask for a pre-visit before making the big decision to move. You’ll want to take a look at all of the different areas and do some thorough research before you commit to a house. You might want to get somebody to help you, in which case you can employ a relocation agent. You’ll also want to contact a company of international movers to help take the stress out of your move and get your things shipped to your new home asap!

Go With Your Gut

If you’re a first time expat you probably won’t really know how to handle things first time round. If you aren’t happy with something, make sure you question it. Go with your gut instinct on everything, and remember; if you’re moving with your family, everyone in the family has to be happy!

Meet People and Make Friends

When you first touch down in your new home country, it’s very important that you go out of your way to meet people and make friends. Have you ever seen the film, “Yes Man”? Take a leaf out of the main character’s book and say yes to everything; it’s a surefire way to make new friends! Don’t just stick to expat circles either; make sure you meet the locals too!

Learn The Language

By either taking a look at some free lessons online or taking a class, you can make your life in your new home much easier and hassle free. Start off small to begin with, by learning phrases such as; “hello”, “goodbye”, “please”, “thank you”, “and you”, and most importantly, “I don’t understand”.

Download Skype

Skype is perfect for keeping in touch with your loved ones at home. Much more effective than a phone call, you’ll be able to see your friends and family too, as if they were really there with you!

More Tips To Help You

  • Allow extra time for your visa application to go through. It can sometimes take a long time depending on the country you’re moving to.

  • Avoid taking any food or drink with you to foreign countries. Although they allow this in some places, it could mean you have to wait around while your stuff is inspected, causing unnecessary delays.

  • Protect your state pension. Providing you’ve paid enough national insurance contributions, you’re entitled to a state pension wherever you may be in the world.

Moving overseas can be very scary and daunting, but providing you take the time to plan and prepare properly with the tips above, you should enjoy a hassle free move ready to start the new and exciting chapter in your life. Good luck!

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