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How to plan a trip to Carrickfergus Castle (In Ireland)

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Ireland is a place that’s steeped in history and the natural beauty of its surrounding landscapes.  Among the many fascinating attractions which international travelers often flock to experience, Carrickfergus castle is certainly one of the more interesting Irish destinations.  The castle itself has been standing for nearly 800 years and is a fixture of Northern Ireland.  Many historical events have also taken place there, including the Battle of Carrickfergus.

If you’re interested in visiting Carrickfergus castle then perhaps the most immediate thing you can do (starting off) is to check out an online virtual tour of the place.  Similarly, there are plenty of online tours and travel packages which you can sign up for, as well as a wealth of different travel agencies all of which can set up a trip for you.

For those who are more direct, proactive or simply like to explore things on their own, you should know that Carrickfergus castle is open to the public, but they do have a specific schedule which you might want to consider:


  • Easter to end of September – 10am to 6pm daily

  • October to Easter – Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm and Sundays 12-4pm


Carrickfergus Castle, Marine Highway, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim BT38 7BG

Telephone #:

+44 28 9335 1273

The city of Carrickfergus is one of the oldest towns in Northern Ireland and certainly possesses its own unique charms.  As it is locally known, “Carrick” is an idyllic place that’s both rural as well as just modern enough to make it a fabulous travel destination.  In Carrick you can truly get away from it all, take in some historical sites, and traverse the beautiful coastlines.  You’ll be surrounded by stone walls, many of which were erected in the 16th century, as well as of modern shops.

As far as planning a trip to the region (as well as Carrickfergus castle) by yourself is concerned, all you really need to do is pick an appropriate date and perhaps book a reservation at a local hotel or bed & breakfast.

Some of the more popular lodgings include:

  • Premier Inn

  • The Clarion Hotel

  • Dobbins Inn

  • The Keep Guesthouse

  • Seascape Country House

  • Hillcrest Bed & Breakfast

If you’re interested in taking a full-fledged holiday / vacation to Carrickfergus then you should know that it’s one of the more affordable destinations around.  Food, lodgings, entertainment and even admission prices to locations such as Carrickfergus castle are all reasonably priced.  There are some interesting restaurants located there as well as Carrickfergus golf club, for those who are into sporting activities. If you want more information about castles in Ireland, visit Click Travel Tips, which provides useful travel tips and advice.

At any rate, the main attraction of the town and region continues to be Carrickfergus castle, which sits there upon the landscape in a most imposing manner.  Simply put, you’re not going to find many medieval castles around that are as perfectly preserved as the one there in Carrick.  In other words, if you want to experience a true slice of historical architecture, Carrickfergus castle is arguably one of the better destinations out there.

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