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How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada has been a top travel destination for people all over the world since the famous strip was first constructed. There is so much to see and do in this town that you could come back once a year for the rest of your life and still experience something new each time, so how could you possibly not want to go? If you’ve decided that you definitely do and are ready to plan the trip, we’ve got a few tips for you in order to make it absolutely perfect.

Your Budget 

The first thing you have to decide is how much money you want to spend. Las Vegas can be done on an extravagant budget or a minimal one, but the thing is that you really won’t miss out on that much even if your purse strings are tight. I’ve been to Vegas with $100 in my pocket and still had an incredible time… so why is a budget important, then? Because it’s very easy to bleed money in Vegas if you don’t have a plan. There are places to spend money at every turn, and if you’re not careful you may burn through your entire budget on the first day.

Driving or Flying? 

If you live close enough where you can make the drive to Vegas within a day, you should do it. Not only is driving cheaper, but cruising through the Nevada desert at night is an amazing experience in itself- you’re isolated under a blanket of stars and with the windows down and music up, you’re on a peaceful journey through heaven on your way to Sin City.

Flying is great if you live too far to drive or you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your trip. Definitely shop around for flights, though, and instead of flying round trip on one airline, look to purchase two separate one way tickets. A plethora of airlines fly in and out of Vegas on a daily basis, so taking advantage of that is a great way to save money.

The Hotel 

The big resorts in Vegas are as iconic as the city itself, but you may have a better time if you choose not to stay in one of the hotels right on the strip. The thing about Vegas is that you’re not going to be spending much time in your hotel room anyway, so why spend a bunch of extra money on it? Staying off the strip is cheaper, and most of the hotels have free shuttles to the strip anyway, so you don’t have to worry about extra cab fare to get to and from your destinations. The big resorts are also a little impersonal, as a lot of the time you end up feeling like just another number instead of a valued guest.


If you can walk in Vegas, do it. You end up seeing so much while walking (street performers, impromptu shows, etc.) that you’d totally miss if you just take a cab everywhere. Definitely don’t plan on driving unless you want to explore more of the area around the strip. If you do want to take a cab, try getting an Uber or Lyft if you want to save money, but definitely talk to whoever is driving. Drivers in Vegas come from all over the world and many of them have interesting stories to share.


When you’re in Vegas, you definitely want to take in a show. Whether it’s Cirque du Soleil, a concert or a comedy show, entertainment in Vegas is first class and definitely worth the ticket price. Gambling is of course a huge entertainment draw as well, but like I mentioned above, you’re definitely going to want to make a budget and stick to it. The pool at your hotel is a great way to spend an afternoon, and make sure you catch the free stuff like the breathtaking Bellagio fountains and the moving statues at Caesars Palace.

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