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How to Save Money on Printing Costs

When we are at work we take the cost of printing for granted. We print fliers, calendars, mailshots and letters without batting an eyelid; that’s because nine times out of ten we aren’t paying. What if you were to get charged for every item we printed or if we had to buy the inks? You can save money on printing costs by printing smart. Often people find themselves in despair at the cost of toners and printer inks. The extortionate costs do make people think twice before printing, but sometimes we need to print. So how can we save money or, if you aren’t paying, how could we help the boss save money?

Black toner and ink is cheaper than colour. The majority of office printing is for internal use only, and will probably hit the recycling bin within a couple of days, so as pretty as you would like it to look you need to think twice. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are printing in mono because it looks like a black colour on the screen, always double check before you send to the printer.

Many companies don’t even realise the cost of printing and they are oblivious to if there are any issues with how they print and copy office documents. Yet a managed print services company can be one of the easiest ways to control expenditure and drive through business efficiency. Its a great way of saving money!

A point worth noting is that unless you are printing pure black, most printers will be combining the three colours to make a final colour that resembles black. This is why your colour toner and ink tend to be used up more quickly than black.

The easiest way to save on your printing expenditure is to ask yourself; do you really need it printing? The next time you go to hit the print button, assess whether you really need that email or webpage printed or if can you get the information you require by reading it from the computer screen.

Manufacturers use scare tactics with warranty implications to try and frighten you off using compatible toner cartridges with your printer. These manufacturers want you to buy their toner cartridges so they can make more money, which I suppose makes business sense for them, but for you it costs more!

Now a little fact for you. Did you know that research performed by a Dutch printing company concluded that Century Gothic and Times New Roman fonts use around 30% less ink or toner than Arial and Sans Serif? No? Well now you do! Just a small change to your font can, in the long term, save you or your company hundreds of pounds.

Most of these are simple ways to help save you money. Think twice before printing. Not only will it help your wallet, it will have save paper and trees! Recycle those empty cartridges too and do your bit for the environment. I hope this will help you and help build your profits.

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