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How To Set Up A Non-Profit And Save The World

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Non-profit organizations are organizations that aim to change the world. With the strength and efficiency of business, but the heart and soul of a campaign group. Non-profits are there for those who need them. It sounds very inspiring doesn’t it? So how do you go about setting up a non-profit? Let’s talk you through the process. It’s easier than you think.

Pick A Cause

What cause are you going to champion? You need to pick a cause or plight to base your non-profit around. There are plenty of good causes. It might even be hard to pick just one. Find an issue close to your heart though. Something that affects you in a personal way. It doesn’t even have to be a local, national issue. There are plenty of non-profits who operate internationally. You can be one of them. If starving kids in Africa pull at your heartstrings like nothing else does, then make that your cause.

Figure Out Your Finances

Part of laying the groundwork of a non-profit is laying out your financial structure. You don’t make a profit. For a supposed business that’s not very enticing. You aren’t a business though. You’re an organization operating as a business. As a result, the structures have to be similar, but at the same time totally different. It can be very complex, and you may need to bring someone in to help you. You can visit for more information about obtaining help setting up the finances for a non-profit.


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Attract Talent

Just because you don’t make a profit doesn’t mean you can’t pay people. It does mean you can’t pay huge amounts for people though. Your talent needs to be dedicated to the cause but also have the skills you need to make the non-profit succeed at its job. They also need to be willing to accept less pay than they would anywhere else. It can be tricky to get most people to agree to this. You will just have to accept that you’re going to see a lot of people turning you down. You need to make a shortlist of the right people though. You need to do thorough research on who can do the jobs that need doing. You may have to look outside your comfort zone. It could be a long process, but you’ll find someone.

Headquarters & Staffing

You need a base of operations. The cost of running this building is again going to cut into the money the non-profit should be using to help its cause. Don’t go for anything too large, expensive, or lavish. Get somewhere adequate for your needs. As for staffing, you may be staffing up globally. This can be hard to organize yourself, so this is where delegation of duties will come in. Running a non-profit is difficult, and a lot of the jobs need to be split down into smaller areas. Staffing is one of them. If you already have the right talent to do that part of the job, you’ll be fine.

Once all these pieces are in place, you can start the fundraising and using the money for real good. It isn’t easy, but just know you are making the world a better place.

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