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How To Start A New Career In Law

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Becoming a solicitor is not as difficult as some people might imagine, although it is vitally important that everyone does some serious research before opting to attend a degree course at law school. This is mainly because the subject matter can be rather tedious, and for that reason it is essential that anyone wishing to take this route first ensures they have at least some level of interest in the field. There are many different areas of law, and which one people choose to specialise in will depend heavily on the career path they wish to follow.

Earnings can be incredibly high in this profession, and it is certainly not unheard of for graduates to retire at the age of 50 with healthy bank balances. Now, doesn’t that sound like an appealing concept? Still, you’re going to need an iron will and a focused mind to succeed, and unfortunately that’s not something that can be taught.

Anyway, you’ve come here to learn about how to start a career in law, right? Well then, here’s the lowdown…

Getting Qualified At University

The very first step on the road to working for reputable firms with a long history of success (see Gullands Heritage) will be getting a degree from law school. This may sound simple, but the sheer amount of reading and writing work can put some people off.

Most courses last for around 3 years and will include all the basics you need to know to work in the field. Depending on which area of law you’d like to enter, part of the course will focus on your particular interests, whilst the rest of it will cover a much broader range of information. This is probably the hardest part of starting your new career, and so you should be glad to get it over and done with at the beginning of your endeavour.

Getting A Training Contract

This is the second step on the road to becoming a law professional, and will usually take around 2 years to complete. During this time, you’ll be asked to complete a legal practice course and a professional skills course, which are both designed to build upon the understanding you gained during university and ready you for the working world.

In most cases, you’ll be working directly underneath an experienced solicitor or barrister for the duration, and this gives you the opportunity to see how things work with an insider perspective. Although this is slightly easier than the work you will have done before you were a graduate, it’s equally important that you apply yourself and learn as much as possible.

Getting A Good Job

With a bit of luck, the firm who helped to get you through the training contract will be impressed enough to offer you a full time position, but if this doesn’t happen there are many different routes you can take. Some like to use internet job boards, others prefer to use their contacts to seek employment, but either way, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find suitable employment within a couple of months.

So there you have it my intellectual friends. Now you know precisely how to become a solicitor, what’s stopping you from making the first move and changing your life for the better?

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