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How To Start A New Career In Surveying

If you’ve been looking online and trying to select the most suitable new career choices, then you’ve come to the right place. Over the last ten years, there have been fewer and fewer students heading to college to study surveying, which means there’s a real gap in the industry at the moment and lots of well-paid jobs on offer. It doesn’t really matter what your interests are to be honest, deciding to become a surveyor is guaranteed to provide you with a stable income source for many years to come. People will always build things, and while they continue to do that, they’ll always need professionally trained surveyors to make sure no issues arise.

So, if you think this career path sounds interesting and you’d like to learn a little more about how you set the wheels in motion and realize this goal, then spend the next few minutes reading through the rest of this article, and you should come away with a much better understanding. I’ll try to keep things as simple as possible because I’m trying to entice you towards this type of employment, not scare you away from it. Still, I admit it will suit some people better than others.

The Academic Bit

Although there are no laws surrounding what qualifications a surveyor must gain, most companies who specialize in surveying will expect to see you’ve got ample and sufficient skills in mathematics (particularly geometry), geography and engineering. So, it’s wise you spend some time at college getting a relevant degree before applying. Physics graduates would almost certain get accepted immediately because their qualification would override all the others, but a degree in maths would be suitable in most cases. Alternatively, I even know a few accountants who’ve managed to retrain and become surveyors in only six months by simply completing a basic geography course.

The Training Bit

You’ll need to start applying for positions as soon as you leave college so that all the information you’ve gained will be fresh in your mind. As I mentioned a moment ago, surveyors are very much in demand at the moment, so this means the chances of you finding employment quickly are pretty high. Once you’ve got a suitable job, you’ll have to spend at least a few months working with a fully trained surveyor learning how to use all the equipment properly and how to record your findings adequately. After a few months of this, you should be let loose on your own.

The Prospects Bit

Though the average surveyor has nowhere to go in terms of promotion in the workplace, those who become masters of the craft could go on to work for marine engineering companies as an underwater surveyor dealing with pier rehabilitation amongst other things. The money will be a lot better, but only the best in the business will manage to reach this level.

Anyway, now you’ve had time to read through all the information, you should see that becoming a surveyor is much easier than most people imagine. All it takes is the right skills and the right approach. Good luck with the new career!

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