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How To Learn The Basics Of Paddle Boarding

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If you live near to the ocean and you’ve been spending time recently trying to select the ideal hobby to pursue that is guaranteed to provide entertainment, keep you fit and is perfect for western climates, then you’ve come to the right place. Paddle boarding is one of the newest forms of surfing that many people are finding to be extremely enjoyable. Instead of worrying about catching waves and other dangerous endeavours, paddle boarders simple move along on the water at a comfortable pace and take in the sights. Just look at how happy the girl is in the picture attached to this post.

Even so, if you want to get involved and start paddle boarding this year, you’re going to need a bit of advice about how to get started, which is precisely the reason behind me writing this short piece today. Don’t get me wrong; you should have almost mastered the hobby in a couple of days, but it’s vital for safety reasons that you buy the right equipment, and that you approach the pastime in the right way. So, if you’re interested in learning everything you need to know, read on…

Buying Equipment

Firstly, you’ll need to look online or head down to your local surfing shop and purchase some equipment. It’s often difficult to know how to choose a stand up paddle board, but there are some great guides online that you should find helpful. Alongside the board itself, you’re going to need a paddle, and a personal floatation device (PFD) just in case you fall into the water. You see; oddly, in most countries coastguards consider a stand up paddle board to be a vessel, and so regulations state you must wear a PFD.

Starting Techniques

Though many people just head straight out into the water with their boards, it’s a good idea to first practice on land or in shallow water if you’ve never been surfing before. Just try to work on your balance, as this is the only thing stopping you from falling in when you head out into rough seas.

Mounting The Board: Most people find it easier to stand alongside the board in shallow water and then hop on using one knee at a time. Try to stand up when on the board if possible.

Finding Your Stance: Ideally, you’ll need to keep your feet relatively parallel to each other and about a shoulders width apart for the best results. Try not to look at your feet though, instead, stand straight and draw your gaze forwards towards the horizon.

Keeping Your Balance: Just like mountain bikers experience, your balance will actually increase with the amount of forwards momentum you create, so just start moving if you’re feeling a bit wobbly.

Boarding Like A Pro

Once you’ve mastered all the basics it will be time to start working on your stroke and making turns. This is something that I’ll have to leave for another time unfortunately, but you can find lots of guides online focusing on these elements. Anyway, I’ve got to head off now, but I hope you’ve managed to pick up on a few basics and now understand just how much fun this sport can be.

See you next time folks!

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