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How To Stay Cool At Home This Summer

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We’re right in the thick of July, and summer is in full bloom. Those hot, sticky nights have descended, and we’re already wondering how we’re going to cope! Summer is the perfect time for garden parties, beach days, and holidays. Unfortunately, we’re not accustomed to such a heat wave! Inside our home, the temperatures creep up and the humid air makes it difficult to sleep. Don’t fret, there are a few techniques to help cool down your home. In this post, we’ll show you some of the most effective. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Keep shutters and doors closed

Keeping cool in the summer means keeping the pesky sun out of the house! By all means, soak up the rays in the back garden and make the most of it. But, inside the home, keep those curtains drawn and the blinds closed. When the sun seeps into the house, it is absorbed by the walls and the furniture. Later on, that heat will radiate, keeping the home at a steady, warm temperature. Where possible, keep the interior rooms bathed in shade. It’s the best way to keep things cool inside.


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Open the windows during the night

When the heat is bearing down on you, your instinct is to open all the windows! Try to restrain from this during the day and remember to keep everything closed up. The evening is the best time to let the air flow through the house. As night draws in, the temperature drops and the air is much cooler. Now’s the time to get the windows open and cool down your rooms. If your neighbourhood allows, keep the upstairs windows open all night while you sleep.

Keep your body temperature cool

During the summer, it’s not just the home that is hot and stuffy. Most of the heat comes from your body! You absorb the sun’s rays and trap the heat within the body. Everyone has their own tricks for staying cool, but you can’t beat an ice cold drink or summer smoothie on a hot day. A homemade ice-pack works a treat too. Simply put some ice cubes inside a tea towel and hold it against your head.

Air conditioning

Of course, the best way to keep the home cool is with air conditioning. A dedicated system is all you need to keep the house at a steady, cool temperature. Our advice is to have your unit inspected by an air conditioning repair team at the start of the summer. Make sure it is fit to function throughout the warmer months.


Finally, it’s important to keep any source of heat out of the house itself. With that in mind, try to avoid using the cooker and the indoor grill. You’ll just flood the house with more heat. Instead, set up the grill outside and have a barbecue. Like you need an excuse for a barbecue during the summer!

There’s nothing worse than a long, uncomfortable, stuffy night’s sleep during the summer. Follow these steps, and keep your home fresh and cool.

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